Xbox Scarlett will feature a GPU with part of its physical cores dedicated to Ray Tracing . Until today, console manufacturers Microsoft and Sony have spoken generically about supporting the Ray Tracing with the upcoming Xbox and PlayStation without specifying whether the implementation is planned in hardware or not. With the first generation of architecture RDNA of AMD lacks the hardware implementation of the Ray Tracing this point remained smoky.

Now, with an interview by Colin Penty , Technical Art Director of Gears 5 , the presence of an undetermined number of physical cores is revealed at the base of the implementation in hardware of the Ray Tracing in Xbox Scarlett. This means that AMD is working on an ecosystem for managing the alternative Ray Tracing to the NVIDIA RTX platform included in the architecture Touring . Recently new details emerged on RDNA 2 and probably future consoles will be based on a variant of the latter

Xbox Scarlett

The integration of Ray Tracing in the consoles will help Ray Tracing itself become a standard in the video game industry, because the hardware of the latest Xbox and PlayStation is taken as a reference by the major video game developers. If AMD were able to exploit its domain in consoles it could succeed in making its Ray Tracing ecosystem the point of reference at the expense of RTX.

Consider also that the implementation of Ray Tracing on GeForce RTX video cards in this phase involves an increase in the size of the GPU die: the GeForce RTX 2060 is in fact almost double the size of Radeon RX 5700 XT , which decreases yields and increases costs. It is therefore likely that in the modified versions of RDNA for consoles there will not be a massive presence of cores dedicated to Ray Tracing and it is more likely to think of a compromise with different levels of support.

Xbox Scarlett has been made official to E3 2019 with CPU based on architecture Zen 2 , memory GDDR6 ed SSD on slot NVMe to reduce loading times and optimize the performance of open world games


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