At each edition of FIFA Ultimate Team , EA Sports adds new ICONS (previously called Legends), going to expand the previous roster. This year there are interesting new additions like Zidane, Drogba, Pirlo and Zambrotta and Kakà (announced much later and surprisingly).

Also this year, there will be the three classic versions for each icon (Baby, Medium and Prime), plus the Prime Moments versions for EVERYONE (last year were not released for all), version which represents the last stage of evolution, introduced for the first time last year.

But that is not all. Official information on the availability, release method and Icon SBCs has just been leaked. You will discover everything on this page, which we will keep up to date because there will be new announcements over time.



This year the versions for each platform and the different editions of FIFA 20 are several. Here is a series of pre-order offers that will guarantee you different bonuses explained below in the article:

FIFA 20 Standard Edition will be available from 27 September:

The Champions Edition will instead be available three days before, or from 24 September:

Finally, the Ultimate Edition will be available on Monday 23 September 2019, at 22. 00 UTC:

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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – all new icons confirmed and those returning from previous titles

In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team will be a total of 89 Icons , divided between new additions and previously present, and among the 4 available versions. This year in fact each Icon will have all 4 versions, including the Prime Moments.

Below is the list of the new icons introduced for the first time in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team:


FIFA 20 FUT New Icons List, there is also KAKA

Below is the list of Prime versions of the new Icons, with the overall rating and the most important attributes.

Player Overall Position Peace Shooting Passing Dribbling Defense physicality
Zidane 96 CAM 85 92 96 95 75 86
Garrincha 94 RW 90 87 94 96 41 68
Carlos Alberto 93 RB 90 66 81 86 90 87
Dalglish 92 ST 90 92 77 90 41 73
Pirlo 92 CM 73 80 95 91 71 67
Sánchez 92 ST 92 93 81 90 44 75
Kaká 91 CAM 90 85 88 92 44 72
Drogba 91 ST 90 92 77 82 47 90
Koeman 91 CB 75 88 89 80 90 86
Rush 91 ST 86 92 72 86 45 81
Essien 90 CDM 85 76 81 82 90 90
Guardiola 90 CDM 78 65 88 81 88 83
Barnes 89 LW 90 87 85 91 45 85
Wright 89 ST 89 90 70 82 41 77
Zambrotta 89 RB 90 72 84 85 88 86

FUT Icons List 20 returning from previous versions of FUT

Below is the list of the first versions of the old icons, with the overall rating and the role alongside.

Player Overall Position
Baggio 93 CAM
Ballack 91 CM
Baresi 93 CB
Bergkamp 92 CF
Best 93 RW
Blanc 91 CB
Butragueno 92 ST
Campbell 89 CB
Cannavaro 92 CB
Carlos 91 LB
Crespo 90 ST
Cruyff 94 CF
Deco 90 CM
Del Piero 92 CF
Desailly 91 CB
Eusébio 93 CF
Ferdinand 90 CB
Sounds cool 92 RW
Gattuso 89 CDM
Gerrard 91 CM
Giggs 92 LM
Gullit 93 CF
Hagi 91 CAM
Henry 93 ST
Hernandez 90 ST
Hierro 91 CB
Inzaghi 90 ST
Keane 90 CM
Klose 91 ST
Kluivert 91 ST
Lampard 90 CM
Larsson 90 ST
Laudrup 91 CAM
Lehmann 90 GK
Lineker 92 ST
Litmanen 90 CAM
Makélélé 90 CDM
Maldini 94 CB
Maradona 97 CAM
Matthaus 93 CM
Moore 92 CB
Nakata 88 CAM
Nedved 91 LM
Nesta 92 CB
Okocha 90 CAM
Overmars 90 LM
Owen 91 ST
Pele 98 CAM
Petit 90 CDM
Pires 91 LM
Puyol 92 CB
Raúl 92 CF
Rijkaard 90 CDM
Rivaldo 92 LW
Ronaldinho 94 LW
Ronaldo 96 ST
Rui Costa 90 CAM
Schmeichel 92 GK
Scholes 91 CM
Seedorf 91 CAM
Shearer 91 ST
Shevchenko 91 ST
Socrates 91 CAM
Stoichkov 92 ST
Trezeguet 91 ST
Van Basten 93 ST
Van Der Sar 91 GK
Van Nistelrooy 92 ST
Veron 90 CM
There was 91 CM
Yashin 94 GK
Zanetti 92 RB
Zola 90 CF

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – new methods of release and date of availability of the versions of the Icons

EA Sports announced last night that there will be news regarding the frequency with which the Icons and their versions will be released. In particular, initially only Baby and Medium versions will be available. Later the Prime and only the Prime Moments by mid-year

Here is the release scheme:

And here is the official announcement of the EA Sports Community Manager:

ICONE versions in FUT 20

That said, let's get into the way ICONS will be implemented in FUT 20 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (the Switch version is not mentioned!)

One of the key objectives we have with ICONS in FUT 20 is communicating as clearly as possible to allow players to plan their FUT trip. That being said, we know you want more information on the different versions of ICON and when they will be available. In short, there will be 4 unique versions for each of 89 ICONS in FUT 20 which will be available during certain times of the year.


Baby : this version, also called Baby, often (but not always) reflects a period in the career of the player in which they were still developing and did not yet have reached their full potential. This version will be available in packages from the start of the trial version of EA & Origin Access until mid-December 2019. The selected basic ICONS will be available in the FUT draft during this same period.

Medium : this version often (but not always) reflects ICONS later in their career, when they had to adapt their style of play to stay close to the maximum of their potential. This version will be available in packages from the start of the trial version of EA & Origin Access until mid-February 2020. The selected intermediate ICONS will be available in DRAFT FUT during this same period.

Prime : this version often (but not always) reflects an era of the ICON career in which they were at the peak of their skills and abilities. This version will be available in packages from mid-December 2019 until the end of FUT 20. The selected Prime ICONS will be available in Draft FUT during this same period.

Prime Moments (Prime Moments) : while the Basic, Mid and Prime versions tell the stories of the career of an ICON, this version focuses on a historical performance truly memorable in the career of an ICON that brought them to one of the greatest of all time. This version will be introduced in packages from February 2020 until the end of FUT 20. This is the highest rated version of an ICON in FUT 20. All the FUT ICONS 20 will receive a Moment object .

Because an ICON can have many moments during its historic career, theirs Moment version previously released in FUT 19 will not necessarily be the same version released in FUT 20 . The ICONS Prime Moments will be available in the Drafts during this same period. With this version of the different versions of ICON entering and leaving FUT packages 20, we tried not only to encourage a greater variety in the formation of the team in FUT 20, but also to ensure greater availability of the Prime and Moments versions of ICON on the transfer market once released in the packages.


Another goal we have in FUT 20 is to make ICONS more accessible to as many FUT players as possible

From FUT 18, we released individual SBC ICONs that required other ICON cards to complete. We used the ICON requirements to prevent the SBC requirements from being excessively long and also to alleviate other points of market deflation. However, what we have seen is that many ICONS (in particular the basic ICONS) were seen and evaluated more as tools to complete the SBC than as players on your team. It was not the experience we wanted to create.

Both individual and pick ICON SBCs also involved additional “problems”. Throughout the cycle, many of the major ICONS, as well as the ICON SBC requirements, have experienced strong price fluctuations.

This obviously made it more difficult to design individual SBC ICONs, making the choice of requirements consistent with market trends increasingly complex

Therefore, given the objectives we set ourselves to achieve for ICONS and the new FUT features this year, we have revisited the way in which ICONS will be used in SBC in FUT 20 to create a more balanced system for a wider spectrum of players:

ICONS will not be used as requirements in the SBC

As an additional measure, the discount price of an ICON will be lowered by 102. 00 0 believed FUT a 63. 750 FUT credits .


SBC ICON Packs guaranteed will continue to be released on FUT 20.

These guaranteed ICBC SBCs will give players the opportunity to earn the specific version of any ICON. There will be no SBC ICON for a specific player or via player pick in FUT 20. We will replace individual ICB SBCs with a brand new Icon Swap program detailed below. ICONS exchange in FUT 20

In addition to being able to buy ICONS on the transfer market or find them in packages, in FUT 20 we are introducing the ICON Swaps, a new way to allow players to unlock certain ICONS in exchange for player tokens that can be obtained by completing the exchanged goals, in a manner similar to what happened with FUT Swaps on FIFA 20 !. In short words:

  • A) Complete specific objectives
  • B) Get, by completing them, the “token” cards that will be needed to unlock the icons
  • C) Redeem the icon using the “token” cards

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – New method of release SBC Icon Swap and availability date

There will be 3 ICON Swap groups released during the year.

  • Each version of ICON Swaps will contain at least 20 individual ICON (non-exchangeable).
  • “Token” players may also be used to redeem certain ICON packages guaranteed during each swap version.
  • Each version of ICON Swaps will contain a range of ICON versions
  • If an ICON has already been released in a version of ICON Swaps, it will not have other versions released in a future version of ICON Swaps.
  • The objectives of ICON Swaps will reflect the advantages offered

Each version of ICON Swaps will have a unique set of player tokens linked to it

  • Each Individual ICON in an ICON Swap requires a certain number of player tokens to redeem.
  • Each player “token” can be redeemed only in that specific release of ICON Swaps and not for the next version of ICON Swaps.
  • Player tokens will be issued for the duration of each version of ICON Swaps
  • Similar to the FUT exchange offers, you will have to choose which ICONS you want to unlock based on the number of player chips you have earned.

ICON Swaps 1 will be released 11 October 2019 and will last until December . ICON Swaps 1 also allows you to earn selected ICON Prime players before they enter packages. It will contain the following ICONS with their specific version detailed in the following image:


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