DELL UPDATE 18 OCTOBER: Ultimate Scream


UPDATE OF THE 11 OCTOBER: New SBC Main Meetings and SBC Flashback


EA Sports has already shown the related POTM card which will be made available in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team starting today . The POTM of the Premier League receives in the game a very strong and non-exchangeable card, obtainable only through SBC. Here are the details and solutions .


The SBCs of the new Main Meetings dedicated to Euro qualifications are available 2020. The prize for completing the group is an Electrum Rare Package


You can find at this link the possible solutions to the SBC group. Among the various proposals, it is advisable to search with no loyalty and no position filters.


A flashback card dedicated to the Borussia player is available Dortmund Lukasz Piszczek, excellent card for a Bundesliga, to be paired with players like Gnabry, Reus and Havertz.


Here you will find possible solutions to the SBC , which requires two roses 85



The third patch is available, the first since the game officially came out on the market. Here are the changes to the gameplay and the FUT mode


Gameplay (General):

The following changes were made:

  • Goalkeepers are more likely to push the ball farther away from the net when making a save that would result in a rebound.
  • Improved dribbling responsiveness, when dribbling modifiers or skill moves are not used, for players who have an average score of 80 or higher among the attributes of Dribbling, Agility and Balance.
  • The effectiveness of this improvement varies according to the average evaluation with the minimum improvement perceived 80 and the maximum at 99.
  • This will have no impact on players who do not have an average rating of 80 or higher among the Attributes of Dribbling, Agility and Balance.
  • In a penalty kick situation we have increased the range within which the goalkeeper will react to the shot trying to make a parade, when they are stopped in the middle of the door
  • This will increase the likelihood that goalkeepers will react and save on shots towards a point close to their position in the middle of the goal
  • The effectiveness of containment and secondary containment (doubling) has been reduced by making the following changes
  • The players on which the containment and secondary containment controls are used (marking doubling) will no longer run to try to reach the player who are trying to mark
  • The players on which the containment controls are used will now take longer to react to the movements of the ball carrier. The doubling already worked this way
  • Reduced effectiveness of soft passages and soft filtering passages increasing the possibility of error present during their execution. These are the passages that are performed by touching the button of the passage or of the filtering passage twice

Fixed the following problems:

  • Sometimes players were pushed back unrealistically when they were hit by the ball.
  • Low Driver Shot were subject to a higher percentage of error than other types of shots when they were made in factual situations easy, like when there was a low defensive pressure or when the player was well balanced and controlled the ball.
  • Sometimes the doorman rejected the ball in a situation where he should have taken it easily.
  • Sometimes the goalkeeper does not correctly check the ball with his feet having done a diving dive
  • When the goalkeeper dropped the ball it always ended in the same direction, regardless of where the user was aiming
  • On the kick-off, passing the ball without directing the passage meant that the ball was passed at a point where it often ended up being intercepted by the opponent.
  • The offside was sometimes not called correctly in situations where the ball was received by the offending player directly from a deflected shot or wrong.
  • The offside was sometimes mistakenly named after an intermezzo scene following a game interruption

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT):

Make the following changes:

  • Revelation improved and new features added to the Multi-Swap function in the team management screen and the Challenge Creation screen Pink
  • When in the Club tab of the team screen, players can now activate the Multi-Swap regardless of how they entered in this form
  • When the Multi-Swap is active, players will now be able to scroll through the players on their team, including substitutes and the reserves, with the possibility therefore to exchange all the player objects without having to leave the Club card.
  • The mini-map on the screen now shows the position that is currently being selected and also includes substitutes and reserves.
  • When highlighting a specific position in the team, there is an option to update the search results based on the position currently selected.
  • Adjustments to the player object exchange functionality in the Club tab
  • When you go to the Club tab, without having previously selected a specific position on your team, you will no longer assume that the user want to exchange players for a certain role
  • When you select a player object in the Club tab, it will not be automatically sent to the active team, you will have to move manually to the Team tab
  • Once this is done, you will be able to specifically select a role in your team where you want to place or exchange that player object.
  • Leaving the Players Search in the Club tab of the Team management screen will no longer bring players to the Team tab and instead keep them in the Club tab.
  • Updated the 2D photos on the card for 20 FUT player items
  • Modified the color of the points indicating the completion of the requirements of the pink creation Challenges to make them easier to see.

Fixed the following problems:

  • Stability problem related to the selection of some awards in the FUT Division Rivals.
  • This problem did not have a direct impact on users as it was mitigated by inserting 1 additional FUT coin to some reward options. We will remove that FUT coin from future rewards
  • The Seasonal Objectives widget had overlapping numbers when a user had a total XP score of high seasonal goal
  • The names of the trainers were displayed incorrectly in the comparison panel when displaying the transfer market card from the Team management screen.
  • The Create new team option was briefly shown at the top of the list, before displaying the available teams, when loading the Team Selection screen
  • Visual problem when comparing a goalkeeper with another player on the bench while in the team management screen

Here we are again, like every year, at the starting line of a new edition of FIFA Ultimate Team . With the release of FIFA 20 , there are many new features also in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and as usual we will follow you step by step, throughout the football season, to help you make your way into the world of FUT, get the best cards and packages, and get rich to build your Ultimate Dream Team.

To begin with, here is the index of the guide, which will be increasingly expanding with new insights. This guide is indeed work in progress, and will be expanded until next August.


On this page : FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) – the ultimate guide to making money, getting the best cards and winning

Other pages of our FIFA guide 20 Ultimate Team:

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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) Web App: release date, how to access and unlock the market

FIFA 20 Companion App – release date and how to access the official FUT iOS and Android application 20 Ultimate Team

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) – everything you need to know about Icons: news, complete list, versions, and new method release


– Other pages of the guide (in update …)

In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team there are numerous key changes, one of them is about the Icon release method. First of all, all the icons will have 4 versions, including Prime Moments, and then there are new release methods, find everything explained on the appropriate page.

Then there are new seasonal goals. Last year's daily goals remain, but now there are new seasonal goals. Progress goes on following several seasons, a bit like in Fortnite. As you complete the various objectives, you will get XP points that will automatically unlock rewards that you will only have to redeem.

Then a new AMICHEVOLI system was introduced that revolutionized everything. There are different types of matches with different rules. Find an in-depth analysis below.


For the rest, the basis of the game is similar: there are always Division Rivals that last a week and give you FUT Champions points and prizes in packages or credits depending on of the division in which you have come and the level you will reach in it. The Rivals division is reset every Thursday morning at 9 am 00.

The FUT Champions always consists of 30 matches and you will get a placement as much as you will win. The first FUT Champions Weekend League is scheduled for October 4th 2019.

In any case, especially if you don't have the game yet, but you have played the previous versions, you have to take advantage of the potential of the Web App and of the Companion App to start receiving prizes and packages and start doing market. On the linked pages you will find all our best tips and a practical guide to each app.

This year the date of availability of FIFA 20 and Ultimate Team is more complicated than ever. The official date is set at 27 September, but there are several ways to access in advance, such as subscribing to EA Access, but it is an expensive practice and is not the only method . On this page we explain how to start playing before others. And above all when early access starts via EA Access and Origin Access .

The first method is the pre-order of special editions. In particular, according to the following scheme:

FIFA 20 Standard Edition will be available from 27 September:

The Champions Edition will instead be available three days before , or from 24 September :

Finally, the Ultimate Edition will be available on the day Monday 23 September 2019, at 22. 00 UTC :


The Creation Challenges Rosa were introduced last year and were overwhelmingly successful, becoming one of the best ways to get rich rewards and players strong. These challenges require the player to construct a specific type of rose from 11 players with particular parameters and exchange them in change of a prize. This year the awards have been further enriched and there will be many more new challenges, variable and timed from week to week. This is one of the best methods to recycle the unwanted players obtained from the packages or that you have taken with few credits on the market. Don't neglect this powerful tool to empower your team!


The OBJECTIVES , introduced in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, return to FIFA 20. Last year's daily goals remain, but now there are new seasonal goals. Progress goes on following several seasons, a bit like in Fortnite. As you complete the various objectives, you will get XP points that will automatically unlock rewards that you will only have to redeem.

Once you have logged into Ultimate Team after creating your team, you will be able to access to the new Objective hub via the main FUT menu. Inside you will be able to follow your progress in the season prizes, go to the next seasonal goal that you will choose to complete and see your progress in the goals and in the basic objectives.

In FUT 20, the objectives can be grouped according to the theme and the type of assignment. By completing individual goals you will receive PE and prizes, as well as making progress towards completing the relevant group. Completing target groups is essential to get the best prizes with which to level up, customize and grow your Ultimate Team.

Season goals will be available in four different variations: daily, weekly, season and dynamic

The daily goals are simple assignments of the duration 24 hours published automatically every day. Completing them you will receive PE useful to get the season prizes.

The weekly targets are published each week and are composed of several objectives that award prizes and PE once completed. If you fail to complete the goals for a week, they will remain active for the next one, with the exception of the last week of the season, which will end with the season itself

The season goals are long-term challenges and will remain active from their publication date until the end of the season. Finally, dynamic goals are groups of special time targets that will be published without a specific date and will end after a certain period, based on their nature. These goals could be related to campaigns or events that occur in reality throughout the season.

Completing the objectives and obtaining PE will allow you to improve your level in the Season Awards tab. In the first season they will be present 30 levels, each with their own season prize or a prize of their choice. The prizes awarded will be of various kinds and include packages, players, content to personalize your team and other items with which to grow your club, such as bonus credits. We are trying to balance progress during the season to meet all the FUT players, from those who play a few games a week to those who regularly compete in the FUT Champions or Division Rivals. Going up during the season, the difficulty of the challenges and the value of the prizes will increase accordingly. You can follow your total progress and see the prizes of the various levels on the Season Awards screen throughout the season.

But that is not all. This year two other ways were introduced to unlock the prizes, specifically the basic objectives and the goals .

The basic objectives allow new players to learn the fundamentals of FIFA Ultimate Team through a series of themed challenges concerning, for example, the market, the construction of the team and the agreement.

The goals are groups of long-term objectives unrelated to any season. Once created a group of targets in FUT 20, you can go ahead to complete these goals and unlock the related rewards without haste. Through the numerous feedback received, you asked us for new ways to progress in FUT. The goals allow us to celebrate and reward the key moments of each player's club. Overall, the new target system should ensure greater choice both on what to do and when, and on the prizes to be released.

FUT Friendlies

There are new friendlies in FUT. This is a new way to play FUT with friends, locally or online, and create head-to-head online challenges in the traditional format 11 vs 11, with or without special rules.

The FUT Friendlies do not consume contracts, nor do they affect the players' physical fitness, their possibility of injury and red cards. Plus, they don't go to your record. This makes them ideal for trying new players. We have also associated this mode with a series of more in-depth statistics, in order to know on the fly which of your friends is the best to Ultimate Team.

As mentioned above, the mode provides challenges 11 vs 11 classic, but the real fun with FUT Friendlies is achieved by using the special rules. In FUT 20 you can choose the special modes already seen in FIFA 19 , to which are added four new ones created specifically for FIFA 20.

Maximum agreement and exchanges are available exclusively in Ultimate Team, while Mad ball and Falla turn will be present in FUT, Pro Club and in Kick-off mode, together with Fly and head shots, Survival, Shoot from outside, No rules and Classic game already seen last year.

In Maximum agreement we have removed the limitations in creating the teams and maximized the understanding between all players, regardless of role or ties. Each player will have an agreement equal to 10, while the teams will share an understanding of 100, allowing you to experiment with new combinations to make the most of the various styles.

Exchanges introduces a particular variant to the creation of the teams. At the start of each game, the two teams will exchange three players at random. Will you receive the best three players of your opponent, redeeming some of your waste in return? Or will you simply discover how certain players behave that you have never used before? As an added bonus, every goal scored with an opposing player is worth double. Matches in Exchanges will give you the opportunity to use your friends' players against them, ensuring fun and laughter.

In Crazy Ball every time the ball leaves the field it will come back into play with a surprise effect. Each ball assigns from one to three points in the event of a goal and provides the player in possession with a bonus to the shooting, dribbling, passing, shooting speed or all these attributes together.

Make it turn combines the importance of keeping the ball in a designated area of ​​the court with an indicator for the value of goals, to offer a different gaming experience than usual. When attacking, an area will be generated in the opponent's half of the field in which you will have to keep possession to fill your goal marker. This area will shrink over time. Try to keep the ball longer to get the maximum multiplier of three points for each goal, then try to score.

In FUT Friendlies you can create your own list by choosing from a set of special rules or you can select the exact type of game you want to play. The new rules, the ability to track statistics and exploit progress in this mode for the season goals will surely create new fun ways to play with your friends and opponents in FUT 20.



The Squad Battle returns, offline games that allow you to get packages based on your scores. The Squad Battle starts on Monday and ends on Sunday night. Like last year, we will be called upon to deal with various randomly chosen users, and a celebrity team will be available again each week. But there are news: this year the Team of the Week is added to the opponents, and the updates of the opponents will not be timed, but you can decide when to update them without any limit. So for example you can decide to do it little by little or update all your opponents over the weekend.


The Ones To Watch return, special cards that have the same value as their gold cards in principle. Their characteristic is that the card is updated when a special version such as TOTW, Hero or MOTM is released. Distinctive feature of the OTWs is that they are players who have changed teams this year, so their performance with the new shirt is a bit unknown, and therefore also a bet.

Here the list of FUT Ones to Watch 20 :

  • Aaron Wan-Bissaka – Manchester United
  • Antoine Griezmann – FC Barcelona
  • Christian Pulisic – Chelsea
  • Eden Hazard – Real Madrid
  • Frenkie de Jong – FC Barcelona
  • Harry Maguire – Manchester United
  • Hirving Lozano – Naples
  • João Félix – Atlético de Madrid
  • Joelinton – Newcastle United
  • Julian Brandt – Borussia Dortmund
  • Lucas Hernández – Bayern München
  • Luka Jović – Real Madrid
  • Matthijs de Ligt – Piemonte Calcio
  • Mauro Icardi – Paris Saint-Germain
  • Nicolas Pépé – Arsenal
  • Nicolò Barella – Inter
  • Pablo Sarabia – Paris Saint-Germain
  • Philippe Coutinho – Bayern München
  • Rodri – Manchester City
  • Romelu Lukaku – Inter
  • Sébastien Haller – West Ham United
  • Thorgan Hazard – Borussia Dortmund
  • Wissam Ben Yedder – AS Monaco

FIFA 20 also lets you decide who will be next, and you can do by voting, turning on the console and choosing a card from these three:

  • Allan Saint-Maximin – Newcastle United
  • Éder Militão – Real Madrid
  • Patrick Cutrone – Wolverhampton Wanderers

The OTWs will be released in the packages from tomorrow, 27 September, with the release of the game in stores.


The FUT CHAMPIONS proved to be the most coveted FIFA competition 17 throughout the season, and this year the competitors will be even more aggressive. To meet them, EA Sports has put on a FUT Champions Channel , which allows users to review and analyze in detail all the matches played by the FIFA pro-players 19, so as to learn from their tactics. It is possible to pause the match, zoom in on a single player, change the frame of the camera or even watch the salient actions in slow motion


This method is available for payment, in the form of credits or FIFA points. Specifically, they will serve 15. 000 credits or 300 FIFA Points. We will have to create a rose and start winning matches, to earn packages, credits and other prizes.


FUT Champions mode – Introduced for the first time in FIFA 17, the FUT Champions has quickly become the most coveted, due to the very high level of competitiveness and the rich prizes to be won.

The good news is that this year the number of matches has been reduced from 40 to 30 on all platforms. It will therefore take less time to dedicate to the FUT Champions in the weeekend.

The other most important novelty is that not everyone will be able to access the FUT CHampions, but access will have to be gained by playing the Division Rivals, obtaining 2000 points through the victories .

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – the advice to start

The first thing to do is set up a rose with 11 holders and 7 substitutes. You will have access to initial packages provided by EA, which will vary based on the edition you purchased.

If you have played the previous editions of the Ultimate Team on the same console, the system will automatically import your team, giving you bonuses in the form of FIFA Points and Packages in proportion to how many FUT editions you have played and the results obtained in them. If, on the other hand, you have played on other systems you may need to manually put the name of your team, obviously identical to that of the previous editions.

Here is a series of tips to get off on the right foot:


Gli 11 holders who go on the field must be placed with a certain criterion. Each player will have to stay as much as possible in the comfort zone of his role. So an offensive Midfielder will be able to play as a second striker or a slightly offensive wing on one side, but he will not do well as a defensive midfielder. Ditto for the agreement. Players of the same nationality, or who play on the same club team will understand each other better, and a green line between them will make them interact better (a yellow line is an intermediate value). If you have many red or yellow lines in formation, you will often see wrong steps or imprecise or slow stops. The best combination is obtained with players of the same nationality who also play on the same team or in the same league .


If you have founded an Ultimate Team in previous editions, you will be able to access the Web App and the Companion App without having yet the game, and access to welcome prizes and packages and free daily prizes. By doing so you will have credits and material to invest in the market and try your hand at the Rose Creation Challenges before having the game available.

In addition, players who have been loyal to the same team for a long time they get a boost of understanding. While a player acquired with a transfer will need 10 leave to find yourself at ease with your new teammates of your team. This factor also applies to all players that have been acquired through the packages.

Another aspect that helps to increase the agreement is the manager. A manager of the same nationality or of the same real team as the player, will give a boost to the player himself. the following video visually explains everything that has been said.

First of all we need to know that the Entente is applied to the players at the beginning of the game. These effects are governed by a series of combinations between the Entente of the team and that of the single player.

A player in 11 holders in the field will have: 25% of Understanding by the team and the 75% from the individual one. While a player entering from the bench will have the 25% from the Team Agreement and the 75% of a fixed individual cartel value of 6. This implies that the substitutes they will perform better in a team with high affinity, while very badly in a team with bad alchemy.

There are several INTESA STYLES , which enhance various attributes of the player, making it in fact stronger. Only one can be chosen per player, and to do so, a specific consumable card must be applied. Understanding styles differ by category: for goalies, for defenders, for midfielders, for strikers and jokers.

The most striking novelty of the Styles Intesa is that we are now able to see how they change the attributes. By pressing R3 in the card details you will have access to the statistics parameter and we will find the attributes that have been improved, and by how much. Thanks EA!


  • Sniper (CEC) – Sniper (SNI)
  • Finalizer (FIN) – Finisher (FIN)
  • Predator (PRE) – Deadeye (EYE)
  • Cannoneer (CAN) – Marksman (MRK)
  • Hawk (FAL) – Hawk (HWK)
  • Artist (ART) – Artist (ART)
  • Architect (ARC ) – Architect (ARC)
  • Tireless (INF) – Powerhouse (PWR)
  • Director (REG) – Maestro (MAE)
  • Engine (MOT) – Engine (ENG)
  • Sentinel (SEN) – Sentinel (SEN)
  • Guardian (GUA) – Guardian (GRD)
  • Gladiator (GLA) – Gladiator (GLA)
  • Spine Dorsal (SPI) – Backbone (BAC)
  • Anchor (ANC) – Anchor (ANC)
  • Wall (MUR) – Wall (WAL)
  • Shield (SCU) – Shield (SLD)
  • Cat (GAT) – Cat (CAT)
  • Glove (GUA) – Glove (GUA)
  • Hunter (CAC) – Hunter (HUN)
  • Catalyst (CAT) – Catalyst (CTA)
  • Shadow (OMB) – Shadow (SHA)


Team agreement and player styles have a negative or positive impact on your team and individuals, we've always known. What was never clear, however, is the extent of this impact. Now finally EA Sports has clarified and the modifier data is now visible in the “Attributes” section (only on Xbox One, PS4 and PC), as you can see in the following screen. Alongside each attribute, there is the impact on the player's performance due to the agreement, an impact that can be positive ( ) or negative (-).


The impact of the agreement applies before the games begin.

In particular, there is a mix between itesa of team and single agreement:

  • Owners: 25% from the team agreement and 75% from the agreement between individual players
  • Substitutes: 25% from the team agreement and 75% from the fixed agreement between individual players equal to 5

This means that substitutes benefit from the effects of a high team understanding , but do not receive the effects of the agreement between the individual players.

TAKE CARE OF THE PHYSICAL FORM OF THE TEAM : As you play games and tournaments , the players will accumulate fatigue and make less good in the field, arriving already exhausted at the beginning of the match. To restore the shape of a player you can make it rest for one or more games, or using a consumable physical form card

RENEWAL OF CONTRACTS : Each player needs a contract to play on your team. The contracts have a duration of 1 or more lots (for a maximum of 99). Those of the basic EA package that you will find starting in your career will have many game lengths, but most of the ones you buy will have few remaining games (usually 7). The contracts will have to be extended. To do this, simply purchase contract renewal cards in the transfer market. There are three types of renewal cards: bronze, silver and gold. Each category renews the corresponding ones and those of a lower grade, and since they have little different prices, it will often be necessary to stock up on gold cards. Furthermore there are cards with different contract duration for each color. Each player who takes the field consumes a contract day. So if you don't intend to use important players, perhaps to preserve them for decisive battles, put them off pink. NB: To buy contracts shortly, we advise you to set gold and buy maximum price 250 in the search and buy only the contracts from 28 lots to 200 or 250 maximum. It will take a good deal of patience but you will save a lot .

TIPS FOR THE AUCTIONS : Try to search for players or other types of cards outside of peak hours, you will have less competitors for auctions and you will have the opportunity to find a real star at a price very low because it went unnoticed! Also, use the FUT Web App for browsers and FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Companion App , available on the App Store and Google Play for free. They allow you to manage your transactions and different aspects of your team from wherever you are, as long as you have an active connection.

At this point we can start earning FIFA Coins, referred to as “Credits” in this edition, by playing games and winning tournaments and seasons. Accumulated Credits can be spent to buy new player cards and other rose items, such as stadiums, balls or coaches.

The ideal will be to set up an initial team that is not as strong as it is balanced , and focus on understanding. This is governed by factors that link players according to nationality, being teammates in their real team, and being deployed in their natural position.


This is another type of challenge in which to try, which will allow you to get prizes, packages and credits by exchanging players by composing roses of various types. Each challenge will ask us for different goals, like exchanging players, deploying all bronze or all gold players, or even the same nationality or league. The higher and more difficult the requirements of a rose are, the more rewards will be paid. Icons are almost always unlocked with relative challenges. So get ready!

At the beginning it will be possible to try the lower level ones, but as we complete them we will be able to unlock the upper ones, which will give you more and more high value packages in return. The challenges are updated weekly, so take a tour often to see the news.


To take care of every aspect of our team we will need to use consumable items, which address various aspects of the team and the player, such as the extension of the contracts or physical care. They are divided into 8 categories and each of them is available in the various sub-qualities Bronze, Silver and Gold:

  • Healing – Heals an injured player. It is necessary to use the right card for the type of injury (an arm card cannot cure a foot injury)
  • Player Training – Allows you to temporarily increase the statistics (shooting, passing, Speed ​​etc )
  • Goalkeeper Training – Allows you to temporarily increase the Goalkeeper statistics (Reflexes, diving, Presa etc)
  • Role Modifier – Allows you to change the role to a player to improve the understanding (for example from AS> ES)
  • Styles Intesa – Allows you to temporarily increase the individual statistics of the agreement)
  • Coach Championship – Allows you to change the league you belong to a coach of your rose or club
  • Contracts – Allows you to extend the games playable by the player (if possible look for gold cards with more than 20 low price games)
  • Physical Form – Allows you to temporarily increase the player's physical fitness


In FIFA 20 FUT is there also good space for the management of the technical staff of the team. A good technical and athletic staff will allow you to get better on the pitch, recover from injuries first and avoid them too. There are five staff categories, each available, as usual in Bronze, Silver and Gold quality. Here, too, nationality, league and team will influence the team's agreement formula

Here are the available staff categories:

  • Coaches
  • Preparatory Chiefs
  • Goalkeeping trainers
  • Athletic trainers
  • Physiotherapists


This category of objects is cosmetic and distinctive for your team. They are divided into four categories, which in turn are each available in the Bronze, Silver Gold:


  • Stadiums – Allows you to choose or change the home stadium of your team
  • Balls – Allows you to choose or change the race ball at home
  • Emblems – Allows you to choose or change the badge of your team
  • Uniforms – Allows you to choose or change your team's home, away or alternative uniforms

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – Types of Cards and Packages

In FIFA Ultimate Team the most time consuming part is the market. Those who have already played the previous ones know that you can spend whole days looking for convenient cards, following auctions, making last minute offers, to improve your squad and buy player cards at the lowest possible price

In FIFA FUT 20 we can buy cards and packages. Cards can be purchased from the Ultimate Team Transfers menu by spending credits (represented with the coin or coin icon)


  • Bronze Cards : This category includes the most mediocre players, belonging to the championships minor mainly. You will start with these in the basic package offered by EA. There could be some good prospects, but it will be better to pass silver or gold players as soon as possible, even with a slightly higher overall rating. The difference in the field will be felt.
  • Silver Cards : Intermediate players. The price for transfers and contracts begins to rise but having some silver players in a full bronze rose can give you the necessary extra inspiration.
  • Gold Cards : Needless to say, it will be better to be able to make you a rose of holders all gold. Losing some time at auctions it will be easy to find some cards at bargain prices.
  • Special Cards : They are special cards, they are recognizable because of their double color: they have a black vein on the background of the base color of the ca rta, which can be Bronze, Silver or Gold. EA periodically releases them for players who have achieved excellent results in their respective championships. The players corresponding to these cards are stronger than their basic cards. Among these we have TOTW, TOTY, TOTS, MOTM, Ultimate Scream, ICONS, ONES TO WATCH, TOTGS and many others


The packages are divided into three categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each of these categories is available in normal and Premium variants. Here's what they offer and how much they cost:

  • Standard Bronze Package – (400 Credits): A great choice to expand the rose. Includes 12 objects, including players, club objects and consumables, at least 10 made of bronze, of which 1 rare.
  • Premium Bronze Package – (750 Credits): Contains three times the rare items of a standard bronze package, including players, club items and consumables, at least 10 made of bronze, of which 3 rare.
  • Standard Silver Package – (2500 Credits or 50 FIFA Points): A great choice to create medium-level roses. Includes 12 objects, including players and consumables, at least 11 silver of which 1 rare.
  • Premium Silver Package – (3750 Credits or 75 FIFA Points): Contains three times the rare items of a standard silver package. Includes 12 objects, including players and consumables, at least 11 silver of which 3 are rare
  • Gold Package – (5000 Credits or 100 FIFA Points): A great package to find the best players. Includes 12 objects, including players and consumables, at least 10 gold of which 1 is rare
  • Premium Gold Package – (7500 Credits or 150 FIFA Points): Contains three times the rare items of a standard gold package, including players, club items and consumables, at least 10 gold of which 3 are rare

During the season special packages such as the Prime or the Zinc packages will be released. Connect often to take advantage of special offers.


They represent the microtransactions within the game, which will allow you to acquire credits to spend in FUT packages at the price of real money.

The following cuts are available:

  • 100 FIFA Points – 0, 99 €
  • 250 FIFA Points – 2, 49 €
  • 500 FIFA Points – 4, 99 €
  • 750 FIFA Points – 7, 49 €
  • 1050 FIFA Points – 9, 99 €
  • 1. 600 FIFA Points – 14, 99 €
  • 2.200 FIFA Points – 19, 99 €
  • 4. 600 FIFA Points – 39, 99 €
  • 12. 000 FIFA Points – 99, 99 €

FIFA 20 – How to get Credits and make money fast

Moving forward in the FIFA Ultimate Team 20, things will get tough. Credits, as mentioned above, are the main currency used in FUT, since they are needed to purchase players and other items from the Transfer Market.

There are various ways to obtain credits, and v we illustrate them below:

  • Playing offline tournaments
  • Playing online tournaments
  • Playing seasons offline
  • Playing the new Division Rivals mode, you can get up to each week 52. 000 Prime and Zinc credits or packages
  • Participating in the FUT Champions
  • Play special tournaments (which will guarantee you very high prizes)
  • Have good performances during the matches
  • Challenging the Team of the Week (SdS or ToTW)
  • Sell players (initial ones cannot be sold)
  • Selling coaches
  • You sell players you don't use at a higher price than you you bought
  • Sell consumable objects
  • Use the FUT Web App (guaranteed daily premiums)
  • Using the FIFA Companion App 20 Fut on iOS and Android
  • Purchase packages with FIFA Points (to be resold on the market)

These above are the canonical and basic methods, but if you will want to do many, many credits, you will need to play well on the market. In fact, by purchasing high-value players at a price much lower than the average you will be able to resell them by earning. The general advice is to look for players in the most unlikely time slots, such as early in the morning or late at night, and then resell the valuable players bought shortly during peak hours.

In this video below we explain how to quickly earn FIFA Coins as soon as the Ultimate Team is started:


The EAS FC Catalog : Matches, won or lost , they generate credits, but to give a boost to the credits assigned, it will be necessary to spend the FIFA Coins in the catalog. There are various bonuses, for example 1000 credits for 5 games, or 200 x 15. These will be assigned to you regardless of the outcome of the match. The FIFA Coins you will accumulate by playing, so as soon as you have some available, run to engage them. It is important to know that if you have played in previous years, you will start with lots of Coins to spend!

Playing on the Market : if you have a lot of time available , you should know that this topic is very much discussed by Youtuber and specialized blogs. Everyone has their own strategy or best method on how to earn credits easily on the FUT Transfer Market, a bit like the stock exchange. Finding advantageous offers and players at a much lower market price than usual is quite simple. At the moment there are about 3 million players in the market during peak hours, so there is no shortage of supply. As usual, the best advice is to buy in the most unlikely hours (night or early morning), and sell at peak hours (from late afternoon to after dinner).

However, it will be necessary to have a clear understanding of the value of each player, otherwise you risk buying it at a higher price, risking to sell it for less than you took it, putting it back. A good method is to click on “compare price” in the options available when you click on a player's card (or a consumable or staff card). The ideal is to participate in auctions that have at least one 10% less than the average value. If it goes beyond, let go.

Below is a video that explains how to create a great hybrid powerful team with 20. 000 credits.

Market Transfers: Earning 10 000 credits per hour

If you love the management aspect of FIFA 20 FUT, much more than playing the games themselves, this method is right for you. It will allow you to accumulate a good number of credits in a relatively short time.

  • Find a very wanted player, but cheap enough to afford it with your scarce initial resources. You can orient yourself on the players of the Premier League or those of the Liga. Choose a player whose role is often poorly covered , as a defensive midfielder or full back, remember that you have to look for a player whose demand exceeds supply .
  • Realize your average offer, just follow a few auctions and put your name as your research and get an idea in a few minutes.
  • Start placing bids. Remember to take advantage of every purchase (at least one or two thousand credits at a time). It will be advisable to move towards the third page, in order to be the first to bid (a buyer who has the same intentions will be oriented towards cards without offers, if he already finds an offer placed by you). This means that you will have to place a large number of offers, because many will be exceeded. If you don't have much time, in the meantime do something else, play games, or go to school or work. On return, check the auction results.
  • On average, you will conclude between 10 and the 30% of bids placed. Once you get the cards you sell, you sell, you sell. The more money you make, the more you can accumulate. And then you can move to higher tier players and repeat the same procedure, earning much more with each transaction.

Finally, here we explain a very effective method for gaining the beauty of 1 million of FIFA COINS , try it!

But it doesn't end here … we will continuously update this guide in the coming days and in the coming weeks and months! Always follow us and bookmark this page!


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