Access Prize: Silver Prize Package

Access by 23: 59 of the 23 September to get a free silver prize package containing players, consumables and club items


– Access award: 1000 credits

Access by 23: 59 of the 22 September to get free 1. 000 FUT credits to spend on the market!

– Best methods to make money and earn up to 100 k credits (find details at the bottom of the page …


EA Sports has opened the doors of the new FUT version 20 of the Web App. By connecting you according to the rules set out below, you will receive some kits and welcome packs, plus prizes for daily access. You can connect to this address


With the packages received, having access to the market without having the game yet, you can start trading and earn money. We recommend that you first look at the prices on FUTBIN.

FIFA 20 is coming, and as usual EA Sports will make available to players of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT) , the new edition of Web App which allows you to manage your team like this as you would do from the menu of your game on consoles or PC, comfortably from the browser of your fixed PC, tablet or notebook. The Web App, as the name suggests, is in fact an application that works on any browser. Most importantly, the Web App allows you to market and receive daily bonuses even without buying the game yet. On this page we will explain how to make the most of this useful tool, which will save you a lot of time.

Il 27 September is the official date of FIFA's release 20 of EA Sports, but through EA Access and Origin Access you will be able to access with 4 days in advance, the 24 September.

As every year, you can access the Web App to manage your club and get other benefits even before you have the game. On this page we will get you in shape.


FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) Web App – When will it be available? And how to log in?

But what many are waiting for is the release of the Web App, a PC application that allows you to access your club and the FIFA Ultimate Team market

Il 13 September the FIFA Web App 19 has been officially taken offline for maintenance operations and to make it compatible with FIFA 20. Maintenance is indefinite, but should end day 18, while the Companion App for iOS and Android will be available the next day.

How to access the Web App in advance?

  • Having created a FUT Club before August 1st 2019.
  • Being in possession of a FUT account 19 valid

As every year, the Web App, together with the Companion App, will allow you to manage your club without accessing the game, in particular the following functions are crucial:

Rosa and club management Shop Market and sale Daily and weekly and seasonal goals Pink creation challenges (SCR or SBC) Share your rose


First of all, you will be able to manage every aspect of your team's management (you can do everything you can from the game, except play games, and in addition it offers several advantages that we will illustrate on this page.

If you have not had early access, you can still use the app after buying your copy of FIFA 20.

This year the versions for each platform and the different editions of FIFA 19 are several. Here is a series of pre-order offers that will guarantee you different bonuses explained below in the article:

FIFA 20 Standard Edition will be available from 27 September:


The Champions Edition will instead be available three days before, or from 24 September:


Finally, the Ultimate Edition will be available on Monday 23 September 2019, at the hours 22. 00 UTC:


FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT) Web App – Daily Awards

For a limited period, up to 10 October, EA Sports offers you daily rewards for accessing the Web App. They are random and something rare can happen to you.


Redeeming these packages is very important to get a good start with FUT. In this mode, in fact, the credits generate credits, and if you remain at zero you will not be able to do anything, the contracts will expire, and you will not have credits to buy extensions or other players, in other words you will find yourself in difficulty. You will therefore understand that it is very important to grab these packages to find valuable items to sell in the transfer market, so you can start with a good budget.

We have estimated that an initial credit between 10. 000 ei 20. 000 credits will allow you to set up a team quite competitive.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT) Web App – Best tricks to get started and fast methods to accumulate credits

Playing on the Market : if you have a lot of time, know that this topic is very much discussed by Youtuber and specialized blogs. Everyone has their own theory or best method on how to earn credits easily on the FUT Transfer Market, a bit like the stock exchange. Finding advantageous offers and players at a much lower market price than usual is quite simple. At the moment there are about 2 million players in the market during peak hours, so there is no shortage of offers. As usual, the best advice is to buy in the most unlikely hours (night or early morning), and sell at peak hours (from late afternoon to after dinner).


FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – how to best start the preparation of your rose

FIFA 20 – How to earn credits through the SBC or SCR (Pink creation challenges) available at launch:


FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – the best methods to earn credits with the Web App:

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – Create a rose without credits .

Are you short of money? No problem! This guide below will give you a tip on how to create a competitive squad without funds.

Transfer Market: Earn from 10 K a 100 k credits with lo sniping

If you love the management aspect of FIFA 20 FUT, much more than playing the games themselves, this method is right for you. It will allow you to accumulate a good number of credits in a relatively short time.

  • Find a very sought after player, but cheap enough to afford it with your scarce initial resources. You can orient yourself on the players of the Premier League or those of the Liga. Choose a player whose role is often poorly covered , as a defensive midfielder or full back, remember that you must look for a player whose demand exceeds the supply .
  • Realize your average offer, just follow a few auctions and put your name as your research and get an idea in a few minutes.
  • Start placing bids. Remember to take advantage of every purchase (at least one or two thousand credits at a time). It will be advisable to move towards the third page, in order to be the first to bid (a buyer who has the same intentions will be oriented towards cards without offers, if he already finds an offer placed by you). This means that you will have to place a large number of offers, because many will be exceeded. If you don't have much time, in the meantime do something else, play games, or go to school or work. On return, check the auction results.
  • On average, you will conclude between 10 and the 30% of bids placed. Once you get the cards you sell, you sell, you sell. The more money you make, the more you can accumulate. And then you can move to higher tier players and repeat the same procedure, earning much more with each transaction.

Come back in a few days because we will update this page as soon as the Web App is available …


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