Fortnite's Season X: Battle Royale updates and reaches its sixth week with the package Boogie Down missions that, this time, are based on one of the most characteristic and loved elements of the game: dances. Indeed, Boogie Down includes a series of challenges related to the hilarious dance moves of the Epic online shooter and, as usual, is dedicated only to holders of the Premium Pass. We remember you, before you begin, that once you complete all the challenges of the standard list, you will have access to them Prestigio version that will slightly raise the bar of difficulty. Let's see the package together Boogie Down missions

Boogie Down Challenges

• Hit an opponent with a Ballerina Bomb (0/2)

This week's first challenge asks us to hit a total of two opponents with a Ballerina Bomb during our normal matches. The Ballerina Bomb is a rather effective instrument that, one once launched near an opponent, it forces him to launch into a wild dance preventing him from to take up a weapon and leave it substantially without defenses. Ballerine Bombs are available exclusively in the blue rarity (Rare) and can be found in the Forzieri, in the Lanci Ruppimenti or as loot on the battlefield.


• Dances in front of the statue of a bat, in a swimming pool and on a chair for giants (0/3)

For this challenge you will have to show off your favorite dance moves at three specific points on the map of play: in front of the statue of a bat, in a pool and on a chair for giants. You want to know how to do and where to find these three places? Follow our dedicated guide


• Eliminate opponents with a Heavy Rifle, Assault Rifle and Submachine Gun (0/3)

This mission, instead, asks you to eliminate an opponent with three of the categories of weapons present in the game: the Heavy Rifle, the Assault Rifle and the Machine Gun. In all three cases they are rather weapons powerful and easy to find on the battlefield, present in different varieties and rarity levels. The Rifles Heavy include the Classic version, the Tactical version, the Combat version and the Fire version Automatic; Assault Rifles, on the other hand, have a Classic, a Heavy and a Rifles version while, finally, the Mitragliette are divided into the variant with silencer and the one with Raffica. In conclusion, you will be spoiled for choice!


• Travel 100 m dancing ( 0 / 100)

This unprecedented challenge, on the other hand, asks you to use one of the introduced dancing dance notes on the occasion of Season X to cover a total of 100 m. The latter are moves of dance details that allow the player to move forward without having to stop dancing. They can be equipped from the “Cabinet” section of the main menu and identified thanks to arrow on the bottom right of their icon.


• Visit a giant piano (0/1)

Amarcord. This challenge, which recalls one of the challenges seen in the past seasons of Fortnite, vi asks to find and visit a giant piano on the island that hosts the battles of the online shooter of Epic Games. Want to know where to find it? Follow the our dedicated guide


• Destroy the “no dancing” signs (0/3)

To complete this challenge, on the other hand, it will be necessary to identify and destroy 3 “prohibition signs dance ”scattered on the game map. Also for this challenge we have prepared a dedicated guide, so to help you find the signs faster. You can find it here


• Dances in a B.R.U.T.O. in different games (0/3)

For this last challenge of the base list, finally, you will have to take possession of a B.R.U.T.O. (the huge mechs fighters introduced on the occasion of Season X) and use a dancing emote when there you will find them in three different games. Yes, you got it right: even war robots can be grant a moment of unbridled dance! The dancing emotes, within the mechs, can be thrown with the same combination of keys that you use when standing on the ground and translate into the same movements that you have learned to know (with hilarious results!).


Boogie Down Prestige Challenges

After completing all the challenges of the standard list, you will be ready to face those Prestigio that, as we said, they represent a more complex variation of the list seen above. Let's see together.

• It harms opponents under the influence of a Ballerina Bomb (0/2)

If the standard challenge asked you to hit your opponents with a Ballerina Bomb, the Prestige one it pushes slightly further and also asks you to inflict damage to them while they are dancing rampant. Nothing too complex: all you have to do is switch to a firearm or pickaxe after you have hit someone with one of these particular tools and take advantage of their vulnerability.

• Dances in front of a bat statue, in a pool and on a giant chair in a single game (0/1)

For this other challenge, instead, you will have to repeat the process of the standard challenge but visit all and three points indicated in a single game. Obviously, as we always tell you, to address these missions it is better to go to Team Brawl in order to take advantage of the respawn and non mechanics having to repeat the entire route in the event of sudden death. For everything else you can refer to same guide as the basic challenge .

• Eliminate opponents with a Sniper Rifle, a Gun and an Explosive Weapon (0/3)

If the basic challenge asked you to eliminate an opponent with three different categories of weapons, the version Prestige offers three more, perhaps slightly more demanding than the others. This is the Rifle from Sniper (excellent only from long distance, available in the Standard, Heavy and Automatic and in different levels of rarity); the Gun (present in the Standard, Silenced, Revolver and Pesante varieties, in different levels of rarity) and, finally, the Explosive Weapons (represented by the rocket launcher, the Grenade launcher, the Proximity Grenade Launcher and from Grenades to Fragmentation).


• Dance with other players to raise the Disco Ball in an ice hangar (0/1)

Another dip in the past. One of the protagonist challenges of the past seasons also came back, asking for go to the disco, position yourself on four platforms and dance to activate the DiscoBall. Here, the procedure will be almost identical but where can we find the hangar in question? Here ours dedicated guide to dispel any doubts!


• Plays the score on a giant piano (0/1)

Remember the giant piano that is the protagonist of one of the challenges of the standard list? Good! You will have come back and play the score in the correct order. For more information on completing the challenge, you can consult the guide we have linked just above and look for the section dedicated to version Prestige.

• Dances after opening a Supply Launch in different games (0/3)

For this penultimate challenge, instead, you will simply have to use an emote of dancing any later to have seized a Supply Launch in three different games. Supply Flips are the boxes blue connected to the balloons that are thrown on the battlefield during the game and that may contain weapons and objects that are quite rare. They can be identified by the minimap or thanks to the indicator with blue smoke present on the point of impact on the ground. Our advice, once again, is that of facing the Team Brawl challenge since this is the mode with the highest number of Supply launches during the match.


• Dance behind the DJ console while wearing the YOND3R (0/1) costume

Here we are at the last challenge of this week which asks you to once again use an emote of dance. In this case, however, you will have to wear the YOND3R costume (unlockable at the level 47 of the Pass Premium Battle) and dance behind the DJ console on the island. Curious to know where? Here she is our dedicated guide!



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