Discovering the challenges of the season 10.

The challenges of Fortnite: Battle Royale , on the occasion of the arrival of Season X have changed profoundly. In fact, unlike in the past, they seem to be dedicated exclusively to holders of the Battle Pass Premium (from the cost of approximately 10 € is valid for the entire duration of the season).

This is a choice that, consequently, leaves to the developers the freedom to tie some of the missions to specific skins to unlock only with the purchase of Pass a payento

As part of the missions belonging to the list Road Trip , for example, we find a particular challenge which reads as follows:

• Destroy stop signals with the Catalyst skin (0 / 10):

This peculiar challenge, in essence, requires you to destroy the stop road signs while interpreting the Catalyst character (one of the first two skins provided within the Premium Pass, on Level 1).


Once equipped the costume required by the “Locker” section of the Main Menu, then simply go to one of the main population centers on the map (such as Grandi Megazzini, NeoPinnacoli or Parco Pacifico) and break down a total of 10 stop signs.

Below you will find, to facilitate the task, the aerial map of Parco Pacifico , the location at C-3 coordinates of the island where many of the signals in question are present. Go to the place at the beginning of the game and give us in!


The Season 10 introduced the Prestigio version of the challenges: the one in question asks you to destroy 7 stop signs in a single game. If you want to learn more about how Fortnite's new challenges work, you can take a look at our reference page


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