As usual, on Thursday of each week, Epic Games has launched new challenges for the Pass Battle of Fortnite: Battle Royale which, with the advent of Season X, have been grouped into packages exclusive thematic missions for Premium Pass holders. This seventh week of Season X introduces Team Spirit, a series of team-based challenges. We remind you, before start, that once you have completed all the challenges of the standard list you will have access to their version Prestige that will slightly raise the bar of difficulty. Are you ready to discover them with us?

Team Spirit Challenges

• Play games with a friend (0/3)

For this first, simple challenge, you will have to play a total of three games in the company of a friend. For to do so, you will have to add another player to the friends list via the main Fortnite: Battle menu Royale and invite him to join you for a match in one of the team stipulations stipulated by the game. Anything easier!


• Give assist to teammates (0/5)

Also this challenge will have to be faced in a team mode, possibly in the company of a trusted friend. The request, in fact, is to provide 5 assists to teammates, damaging them opponents but letting one of your comrades complete the work. Another rather simple challenge.


• Caresses the pet of a companion (0/1)

Introduced during Season 8, pets are cute pet animals that can be equipped in the “Backpack” section of the locker, in the main menu. The challenge in question asks us to caress the animal of one of our teammates. To do this, you just need to get close to it e press the contextual interaction key. We warn you: it will be difficult to stop.


• Heals allies with a Rabbit in different games (0/3)

For this challenge, instead, you will have to treat at least one ally with a Curabbomba in three different games. The Curabbomba is a rather useful throwing tool that heals all players in its action area. IS available only in the Blue variant (Rare) and can be found in the Forzieri, in the Lanci Ruppimenti and as normal loot on the battlefield.


• Reports an Uncommon object, a Rare one and an Epic (0/3)

Fortnite: Battle Royale has introduced, in recent months, a new mechanic borrowed directly from the competitor Apex Legends which allows, by pressing a dedicated key, to report to companions the presence of weapons, objects and ammunition. For this challenge, you will need to report a Non object Common (Green), Rare (Blue) and Epic (Violet), during the your normal team matches.


• Deal combined damage in Squad or Pair (0/1. 000)

To complete this challenge you will simply have to inflict a total of 1. 000 damage to opponents but you can be helped by your team as the challenge will count the contribution of each player. In Team Brawl you will complete this mission without even paying much attention to it.


• Revives an ally in different games (0/3)

This challenge can be completed in Couples or Teams mode and requires to revive a companion beaten down in battle. In these modes, in fact, once the vital energy is exhausted, it is not eliminated on the spot but on all fours for a few seconds in the hope of being raised by a friend. For to revive your partner you will have to approach him and hold the contextual interaction key which will appear on screen.


Team Spirit Prestigio Challenges

After completing all the challenges of the standard list, you will be ready to face those Prestigio that, as we said, they represent a more complex variation of the list seen above. Let's see together.

• Finish in the Top 20 with a friend (0/3)

Fortnite: Battle Royale, as you know, is a game based on survival. To complete this challenge, in fact, we are asked to survive the adversaries up to the top 20 in the company of a friend. Repeat the process in three different games and you will unlock the Stars for the Battle Pass put into prize for this mission.


• Provide assistants in a single match (0/5)

If in the standard list we needed to provide five assists to our comrades during our normals match, here we will have to perform five more assists but within one game. As much as it can seem complex, in Team Brawl you will reach the goal in the blink of an eye with a minimum of communication with allies


• Use a Launch Platform in Pairs or Teams (0/1)

To complete this challenge, instead, you will have to place and use a Launch Platform in Pairs or Teams mode. The Launch Platform is one of the most useful and ambitious objects of Fortnite: Battle Royale. Belonging to the family of traps, the latter is an object that can be used to stand out high jumps and reposition itself on the battlefield by deploying the hang glider. There Launch Platform is available only in the Epic variant (Viola) and can be found in the Forzieri, in the Supply Launches, at Vending Machines and as normal loot on the battlefield.


• Heals allies with a Comfortable Bonfire in different games (0/3)

Similarly to what happened in the standard list, this time we are asked to take care of the allies but, in Prestigio, we will have to use a Comfortable Bonfire, to do so. The latter is an object belonging to the trap family and can be positioned horizontally to cure 1HP al second for 50 seconds in its range. The Comfortable Bonfire is available only in the Rare variant (Blue) and can be found in the Forzieri, in the Supply Launches, at the Automatic Distributors and how normal loot on the battlefield.


• Report a treasure chest, a shield object and a healing object in a single game (0/3)

Also in this challenge you will have to use the signaling mechanics. This time, however, you will have to report to the companions the presence of a treasure chest, a shield object and a healing object in one single match. The shield and cure objects, in Fortnite: Battle Royale are multiple and range from the shield small to the bandages, from the large shield to the medikit, from the Carafe da Bevuta to the Curabbomba. Also in in this case, in Team Brawl, you should be able to complete the goal relatively quickly.


• Deal combined damage in Squad or Pair in a single game (0/1. 000)

Remember the challenge of the standard list that required you to inflict 1 000 combined damage in mode Couples or Teams? Here it is. In Prestigio mode you will have to do the same thing in a single game. At first glance it may seem difficult but a close-knit team, in Rissa a Squadra, can reach the amount of damage required without even paying too much attention. A walk.


• Restart a teammate (0/1)

The last challenge has as its protagonist another game mechanic deriving from Apex Legends: the restart of a teammate. If one of your allies should be knocked down and, subsequently, eliminated from the game, you will have 90 seconds to collect your reboot card and bring it to one of the restart vans scattered on the game map. Once you reach the vehicle you will need to hold the contextual interaction key to bring your partner back to life who will return to battle armed with the Common base gun only.



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