We are almost at the end of Fortnite Season X: Battle Royale and, while on the web there are rumors on an elusive season 11 that should completely revolutionize the popular online shooter of Epic with a new game map, the US developer launched the challenges of week 9, included in the Bullseye mission package. The latter, we recall, are exclusive to the owners of Premium Pass (from the cost of approximately 10 € is valid for the entire duration of the season) and is divided into two groups: the standard list available immediately and the Prestige one accessible only after completing all the previous challenges. Let's go see them together!

Perfect Center Challenges

Land on different targets (0/3)

The first challenge of the Bullseye pack asks us to land on several targets placed at different points of the game map. To do this, you simply have to launch from the Battle Bus and land on the positions which we will indicate to you in our dedicated guide!

Hit weak spots with the pick (0 / 50)

One of the most iconic and distinctive Fortnite: Battle Royale mechanics is certainly the one that concerns it the buildings during the struggle. To build structures (which may have a defensive function or can be useful to reach high places), you will need materials that can be obtained from the scenario, using the pickaxe. During the process, however, you will find that gods will often appear luminous circles on the body of the object that you will be hitting. Those circles are the so-called “weak points” environmental elements that, when hit, will reward you with generous quantities of materials. For to complete this challenge, you will have to hit a total of 50 weaknesses during your normals matches.


Perform an elimination with a sniper rifle (0/1)

For this challenge, instead, you will simply have to perform a elimination using a sniper rifle, regardless of type or rarity. The sniper rifles, in Fortnite: Battle Royale, are present in different variants such as the standard sniper rifle, the heavy one (commonly known like Barrett) and the automatic one, all with unique features and available in different rarities. The Our advice, of course, is to go to Rissa a Squadra to face this mission, in a way to be more likely to inflict a lethal sniper hit on an enemy unaware of your presence and take advantage of the respawn mechanic which, in the event of death, allows you to keep yours equipment.


Hit a target on the easy firing range (0/1)

Our old acquaintance returns. The Bullseye package, in fact, asks us to return to visit the polygons shooting scattered on the island that is the background to the game. Specifically, you will have to hit at least one target at what is referred to as an “easy shooting range”. Want to know how? Here our guide dedicated!


Complete the skydiving path above the Deadly Land after launching from the Battle Bus (0/4)

In this week, above Lande Letali (the location at coordinates F-8 / G-8), a path of skydiving composed of a series of rings that lead up to the ground. To complete this challenge, you will have to Launch yourself from the Battle Bus and cross all the flying rings before landing in the Deadly Lands. Nothing of too complicated.


Perform headshots (0 / 10)

For this challenge, instead, you will not have to do anything but perform a total of 10 blows to the head during the your normal matches. Headshots (or critical hits) are signaled by the game with an indication of figure relative to the damage colored in yellow, instead of the typical white. Again, nothing too much complicated: you will probably unlock this challenge by playing as you usually do, without even notice us


Destroy haulers of loot from at least 50 meters away (0/2)

During the previous seasons, Fortnite: Battle Royale introduced the so-called “Hot Points”, of the areas of the game map that host generous amounts of loot and also the Loot Transporters, gods golden drones that fly over the area and that you can knock down to collect weapons and rare instruments. The points Hot are reported on the map with the name of the city in yellow / gold and, to complete this challenge, you will have to knock down 2 Loot Conveyors from at least 50 meters of distance.


Bullseye Prestigio Challenges

After completing all the challenges of the standard list, you will be ready to face those Prestigio that, as we said, they represent a more complex variation of the list seen above. Let's see them together.

Hit 5 consecutive weak points with the pick (0/5)

For this first challenge of the prestige list, you will have to go back to hitting the weak points of the elements of the scenario with your pickaxe but you have to hit 5 consecutively without ever missing a shot. Self you know Fortnite, if you play it regularly, you will have no problem completing the challenge but, in general, pay attention to the sudden variation of the Weak Points and you will easily be able to complete also this mission.

Destroy loot carriers from at least 100 meters away (0/1)

Remember the penultimate challenge of the standard list that asked us to take down 2 haulers from at least 50 meters away? Good. In this variant, we will have to take down only one drone but from the considerable distance of ben 100 meters. Get yourself a weapon (maybe with a viewfinder), get away from the Punto Warm and try to take down a transporter. Nothing too complicated, after all.


Perform headshots in a single game (0/3)

For this variation of the challenge that appeared in the base list, you will have to perform a total of 3 headshots in a single game. Obviously, the advice remains to face it in Team Squad mode because these are games that are generally longer and allow you to come back to life after being slaughtered. Under these conditions, performing 3 headshots in a single game will be a breeze!

Hit a target on the difficult shooting range (0/1)

Also in the Prestige list we find a challenge that asks us to return to visit the shooting ranges but, this one time, we will have to hit at least one target in what is called a “difficult shooting range”. Do you want know where? You can refer to our guide .


Complete the skydiving path above Magazzino Muffito after launching from the Battle Bus (0/4)

Similarly to what we saw in the challenge that appeared in the standard Bullseye list, this time too we will have to complete a skydiving course by crossing the rings in flight before landing. TO unlike the previous challenge, however, we move to Magazzino Muffito, the area at the coordinates F-5 of the game map. Start from the Battle Bus and pass all the skydiving route checkpoints for get the stars of the planned battle pass.


Perform headshots with a sighted weapon (0/3)

Also for this penultimate challenge we will have to perform 3 blows to the head but we will have to do it with a weapon equipped with a viewfinder. In Fortnite: Battle Royale, currently, there are multiple weapons with sights like i different sniper rifles and the ACOG assault rifle. Recover the firearm that is most there plays and executes the three critical hits required during your normal games. More difficult to say than to do!


Perform a bottle flip on a target near a giant fish, a llama or a pig (0/1)

Finally, the last prestige challenge asks us to perform a bottle flip on a target at one of the three locations indicated: a giant fish, a llama or a pig. Want to know how? Here is our dedicated guide



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