Meet the Challenges of Fortnite Royal Battle Week with us!

Fortnite: Battle Royale is updated and, with the new patch, the challenges of Week 2 for the Battle Passes which, we remind you, will help you to unlock all the items planned for this in advance Season 9 by completing some specific requests. The challenges, as usual, are divided into two groups: the first is available for all while the second is exclusive for holders of the Premium Pass (available for purchase at a cost of approximately 10 euro is valid for the entire duration of the season). Let's go see them together.

Free Pass

• Launched with a volcanic conduit in different games (0/5) – 5 Stars:

In this first challenge, Epic Games asks us to launch ourselves with a volcanic conduit in five games different. The latter, as we have already explained in a dedicated article during Season 8 , are jets warm air coming from the subsoil, useful for being thrown upwards and covering long distances with the our hang glider. Although the volcano exploded during the Unvaulted event, the conduits present around the lava flow at the G-4 and H-4 coordinates of the game map remained intact. It will be enough for you go to the place after the launch from the Battle Bus in five different matches to complete the challenge.


• Stage One: Land with Snob Beaches (0/1) – 1 Star:

The Phasing Challenges are also back this week, special missions in which we will have to complete a series of objectives in a predetermined order. This time Epic asks us to land in five different locations present on the game map, starting with Snob Beaches, the area at the A-5 coordinates of the map of game. The second step, on the other hand, leads us to the Landa Letali, to the G-8 coordinates of the map. For the third we will have to go to the coordinates I-3, Unleashed Steps, and for the fourth we'll have to reach Sprofondo Stale at coordinates F-5 / F-6 and G-5 / G-6. Finally, for the last phase, we will have to go to Borgallegro, the area snow covered at coordinates D-9.


• Eliminate enemies in Unleashed Steps or Confused Ducts (0/3) – 10 Stars:

For this challenge of the free package, instead, you will have to eliminate a total of three opponents in the two locations indicated: Unleashed steps (at the I-3 coordinates of the game map) and Condotti Confusi (at coordinates D-7). In both cases these are areas that are much sought after by the players and, consequently, not you should have trouble reaching the required amount of eliminations. Our advice is that to face this challenge in a way that provides for respawn (as Rissa a Squadra, for example) in so you have higher chances to complete the challenge in a single match.


Premium Pass

• Inflict damage on opponents with Guns (0 / 500) – 5 Stars:

For this mission, instead, we will have to inflict a total of 500 damage to opponents using guns during our normal matches, regardless of the type or rarity of the chosen weapon. The guns, in Fortnite: Battle Royale, they are present in different varieties: from the standard pistol to the version silenced, from double pistols to heavy guns. Choose the one that best suits you and give us in!


• Visit a huge phone, a colossal piano and the huge trophy of the fish dancer (0/3) – 5 Stars:

To complete this challenge we will have to visit 3 specific places on the game map, indicated by a guessing game. The developer, in fact, asks us to reach “a huge telephone”, “a piano colossal “and” the immense trophy of the dancer fish “. Want to know where to find all three of these items? Consult our dedicated guide


• Search for chests in three different locations indicated in a single game (0/3) – 10 Stars:

To complete this challenge, instead, we will have to find and open three Forzieri in three different locations indicated in a single game. To do this, of course, we recommend that you attend a session of Rissa a Teams so you don't see your efforts fade away because of a sniper lurking behind a tree. Open the map, choose three of the zones with proper names (like Neoinclinata, MegaMall, I sink Stantio, for example) and let the hearing guide you to find the chests. Nothing too difficult, At bottom.


• Step One: Delete a opponent from at least 50 meters away (0/1) – 3 Stars:

Finally, here is another Challenge in Phases. This time the challenge is divided into three steps: to complete the first we will have to eliminate an enemy from at least 50 meters away, for the second from 75 meters and for the third from 100 meters. Prefer a weapon with a viewfinder such as, for example, a sniper rifle, conquered a high position and try to take down an opponent unaware of your presence in order to have more likely to hit the target.


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