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Here we are finally at the ninth week of challenges for Fortnite: Battle Royale, the popular shooter Online by Epic Games which, despite fierce competition, continues to be one of the most played titles and appreciated by fans of this particular video game genre, so much so as to have just started a collaboration with none other than Avengers: Endgame!

As every week, the US developer has released the typical 7 challenges for the Battle Pass that allow, completing certain objectives, to unblock the contents and cosmetic objects planned for the season in advance course.

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Staged Challenge: Land at Shores of Sacking, Adventured Landing, Borgo Bislacco, Bosco Blaterante and Montagnole Maledette

To complete this simple step-by-step challenge, all you have to do is land in all the proposed locations during as many matches. These are the Shores of Sacking (coordinates E-4), Adventurous Landing (coordinates F – 10 ), Borgo Bislacco (coordinates F-7), Bosco Blaterante (coordinates I-3) and Montagnole Maledette (coordinates B-2).


Search Forzieri at Polar Peak or Bosco Blaterante

The classic challenge for chests returns. In this case, all you have to do is find and open 7 of them at Polar Peak (at C-8 coordinates) or Bosco Blaterante (at J-3 coordinates). It doesn't matter which area you decide to explore: you have to open a total of seven chests at one of the two locations indicated


Use three Volcanic Ducts without landing

To complete this challenge you have to go around the volcano, in the northeast section of the game map. All you have to do is take off through one of the ducts that rise around the mountain and reach another one before touching the ground. Below you can find a video with all the necessary information that indicates the best point to quickly complete the challenge!

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Staged Challenge: Dances in the middle of three ice sculptures

This complicated step-by-step challenge requires finding a series of places to dance (we also created a dedicated page (***************. Initially the challenge will talk about a trio of ice sculptures, but in the later stages it will also cover dinosaurs and hot springs, here is a series of maps with all the exact positions to be reached to complete the challenge quickly. Let's see them together! We remind you that once you reach the required position, all you have to do is start any dance step.

Here is the position of the three sculptures of ice:


Here is the position of the three dinosaurs:


And here, for the last step, the position to reach between four hot springs:


Inflict damage to opponents from below

To complete this challenge you must shoot opponents higher than you. Fortunately, Endgame mode has just come out! During these games, in fact, it is very easy to find opponents intent on flying that will be easy prey for your intent. What are you waiting for? Launch a couple of games in Endgame mode and you will see that the challenge will last much less than expected.


Revive a companion to a re-start van

For the first time, you will need someone else to complete a Week Challenge. In this specific case, you will need a companion to revive in any of the Restart Vans on the game map. Below you can find a map that shows the position of all the restart vans on the island:


Eliminate an opponent in different games (5 in total)

Here we are with a rather self-explanatory challenge. All you have to do is complete 5 games by eliminating at least one opponent to bring home the sweaty stars. That's all for once again, see you next week!

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