Meet the challenge of Fortnite Week 3 in Season 9 with us.

One of the challenges included among those of Week 3 of Season 9 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is one Phase challenge that involves the use of vehicles still included in the game after the purge occurred at beginning of Season 8: the Driftboard, the Annienter Quad and the Girosphere.

The first phase reads as follows:

· Step One: Close a trick on board the Driftboard (0/1) – 2 Stars:

For this first phase you will have to recover one Driftboard , following the indicative map that you find right below. Once found, you will have to get on board by pressing the appropriate interaction key e use the turbo to fly in the air, perhaps using a previously built ramp. When you will be in flight, you will simply have to move the analog stick (or WASD keys) to perform tricks in mid-air. To complete the challenge you will need to ensure that the trick is successful by landing correctly parallel to the ground and avoiding crashing into the ground.


After this you will be ready for the second phase:

· Phase Two: Stay in the air for 3 seconds aboard a Quad Annihilator (0/3) – 2 Stars:

For this second phase, similarly, you will have to recover a powerful Quad Annihilator, always following the indicative map below. At that point go to a hill using the turbo and build a high ramp to reach a certain elevation. After this you launched at full speed on the ramp and make sure you stay in the air for at least 3 seconds, perhaps helping yourself with the thrusters mentioned the Quad is equipped


· Final Phase: Destroy the opposing structures with a vehicle (0/3) – 1 Star:

For this last part of the challenge you will simply have to knock down a total of three opposing structures with a vehicle of your choice (always prefer, when possible, the Quad Devastatore that is capable of literally devastate even the most imposing of buildings).


After this, the challenge will be completed and you will have collected the 5 Pass Stars provided

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