The guide to quickly complete the Challenge of Week 9 Season 9!

One of the challenges in the list published on the occasion of Week 9 of this Season 9 in Fortnite: Battle Royale is the most classic of the challenges proposed by Epic Games and asks us to find three specific objects scattered around the island that is the background to the battles of the game: the Solar Panels. The challenge reads as follows:

• Visit a Solar Panel in snow, desert and jungle (0/3) – 5 Stars:

The three Solar Panels in question are found in three different biomes of the game map: the snowy one, the desert one and the jungle one. The three panels, as you can see in the image below, yes respectively to the west of Rampe Ghiacciate ( coordinates A-8 of the map ); east of Palmeto Heavenly ( coordinates I-8 ) and, finally, north of the Pressure Plant built in place of the volcano ( coordinates H-8 of the map ).


All you have to do is physically go to the place and get as close as possible to the Panels Solari in order to see the progress of the counter relative to the challenge. Once you have visited all three places that we have shown you the challenge will be completed and you will take home the 5 stars of the Pass provided. Congratulations!

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