Red Dead Online tries to make it big, and does it through the new Professioni del Frontiera update, a huge update designed to stratify the gaming experience and give our characters a pretty strong background. After the update, in fact, it will be possible to choose a real role for our character, raising the curtain on a series of new activities and exclusive objects. But not only: every role will also have new free roam events and opportunities to earn money, but also a series of improvements to the entire online infrastructure, including skill cards, daily challenges, rewards, the ability to change the character and the highly anticipated balance of sales prices.

The Roles

The first professions of the border to be released are Bounty Hunter, Merchant and Collector . Progressing in the ranks of a role it will be possible to obtain exclusive skills for that profession, personalization objects and tools accessible through a new token system. For example, only the Bounty Hunter can learn new stunts with guns or lower himself on the horse to protect himself from the incoming fire. Likewise, only the Collector can use the metal detector tool and increase the inventory space, while the Merchant can request a weapon chest and train his dog to guard the camp.

Bounty Hunter


“Independent vigilantes known as Bounty Hunters capture known criminals and deliver them alive or dead to the law, in exchange for rewards. They lead an animated and dangerous life, in pursuit of the their targets in the five states. To embark on this career you need to meet the legendary bounty hunter at Rhodes and purchase a Bounty Hunter License, free for subscribers to Twitch Prime who will have linked their Rockstar Games Twitch and Social Club accounts by Sunday 8 September “.

” Those in possession of the license can begin to track down the wanted through the posters posted on the notice boards of sizes at the offices of the sheriffs, the post offices and the railway stations of the State. The Hunters of Higher level sizes will unlock the ability to chase down Red Dead Online players who have accumulated enough bounty. Captured wanted persons can be brought alive or dead to sheriff offices or prison wagons. Delivering them alive allows you to get higher rewards and make progress more quickly. “

Advancing in the rank of the role, it will be possible to rely on exclusive rewards such as the reinforced lasso, the Bolas or the ability to use the eye of the eagle even when you are on a horse. Below is a list of the perch of the Bounty Hunter.

  • Concentration: targets seen with the Eye of an Eagle flash red.
  • Reinforced lasso: a reinforced rope lasso with which to hold the sought-after legates tight
  • Reverse rotation: a reverse rotation with a pistol or a revolver.
  • Extra space for tonics in the Bisaccia: it allows to have more space in the Bisaccia to preserve the tonic.
  • Eagle's eye : follow the enemies as you shoot or gallop.
  • Rotation upwards: an upward rotation with a pistol or a revolver.
  • Extra space for various items in the Bisaccia: it allows for more space in the Bisaccia per keep various objects
  • Tracer arrow: notes explaining how to make tracing arrows
  • Reverse rotation upside down: upside down rotation with a pistol or revolver
  • Lowering: allows you to lower yourself to protect yourself while riding.
  • Bolas: a throwing weapon, perfect to prevent the wanted from escaping
  • Chariot of a bounty hunter: a chariot in which to lock up the wanted fugitives
  • Perception: the size notifications are received from a greater distance
  • Alternating rotations: alternating rotations with a pistol or a revolver.
  • Stunts with two weapons: stunts with the rotation of two guns or revolvers.



“The most enterprising frontier inhabitants who want to start a business can specialize in the Merchant role. The role of Merchant begins by starting a small business at the camp to buy and sell goods, procuring raw materials such as furs and skins and creating objects from sell “.

” To undertake the activity of Merchant it is necessary to withdraw the mail to know from Cripps, custodian of the camp and long-eyed informant, how to enter into a commercial agreement with him and the new Cripps shop, starting with an investment in a butcher table (which the players on PlayStation 4 will get free) “.

” Cripps' deep knowledge of furs, skins and butchery will provide you with new opportunities to collect materials, produce valuable goods to sell and improve the company over time. To give way to Cripps to start producing and selling goods you will have to provide him with the materials obtained from the carcasses of animals, skins, parts and stocks, the latter to be ordered by paying a small sum, but also obtainable with less orthodox methods in refueling missions. After obtaining materials and supplies, Cripps will start at produce the goods you can take to your destination. Deliveries to neighboring buyers are less risky, while those to more distant buyers ensure a greater profit “.

Here is a brief preview of the trader's abilities:

  • Extra space for ingredients in the Bisaccia: allows more space in the Bisaccia per keep the ingredients
  • Awareness: identifies the wagons of rival Traders at a greater distance
  • Dog alert: teach your dog to warn when thieves attack your camp.
  • Medium delivery wagon: a better and larger wagon (available only in the missions)
  • Weapon Trunk: allows weapons to be kept for later use.
  • Lance knife: a custom knife style available only for Merchants.
  • Efficiency: increases the amount of usable materials obtained from carcasses under conditions perfect.
  • Extra space for materials in the Bisaccia: allows more space in the Bisaccia per keep the materials
  • Large delivery wagon: a better and even larger wagon (available only in the missions)
  • Chariot: a robust carriage suitable for transporting more skins and carcasses simultaneously.
  • Protection: reduces the chances of assaulting your camp.
  • As your business expands, you can also get new skills, improve your bag and acquire new resources, like a better chariot to carry more hunting booty substantial and much more.



“Collectors are hounds capable of sniffing out rare items and always looking for precious and exotic objects, like lost jewels, rare arrowheads and treasures, sold individually or as complete collections. The role of the Collector, as well as being perfect for players who like to explore, offers an excellent one activities to devote to oneself in the pauses of the life full of action of the bounty hunter, or between a business and the other of the Merchant “.

” To get into the collector's career you need to visit the mysterious traveling vendor Madame Nazar and purchase the Collector's Bag, which can also be obtained for free by collecting 54 Red Dead Redemption 2 hidden playing cards in GTA Online. The players who get the bag have access to a collector's map showing areas containing collectible items. THE Collectors will receive weekly lists of new items to find, traceable by exploring the border. Some of these objects are outdoors, others hidden inside furniture, others still are buried and must be recovered with a special shovel. Some excavation sites are visible to the naked eye, while others should be discovered with a metal detector. “

” By selling collectible items to Madame Nazar, players will level up and earn from their discoveries, gaining access to Collector's tools such as Enhanced Binoculars, Lantern for the horse, Cercametalli and additional skills that allow you to search and discover more objects. IS You can sell items individually or in complete sets to get better rewards, including weekly rotation collections “.

Let's take a look at the collector's objects and abilities:

  • Divination: lets you feel the presence of collectible objects in the vicinity.
  • Pennington Field shovel: an essential tool to unearth collectible objects buried.
  • Careful eye: it allows to detect the loose soil when you use the Eagle Eye.
  • Intuition: reduces the area to be searched.
  • Saddlebag from the Collector's saddle: the saddlebag becomes larger
  • Enhanced binoculars: specialized binoculars to identify and highlight excavation sites from great distance.
  • Machete Águila: a classic machete specially revised to be used by Adventurous and belligerent collectors.
  • Metal detector: an important tool able to locate buried collectible objects
  • Right arm: allows the collection of herbs even while you are in the saddle
  • Lantern for the horse: illuminates the road with a lantern attached to your horse's breastplate
  • Extra space for precious objects in the Bisaccia: it allows to have more space in the Bisaccia per keep precious objects

New activities

Let's take a look instead at the new activities present in the update:

  • Hunting in a pack: a collaborative event in which players collaborate to catch and report back the largest number of escaped prisoners. The targets, more valuable from the living than from the dead, are scattered in a large area. Some are even defended by their henchmen.
  • Big game: players compete to get the most points in the time limit capturing the wanted. The targets are worth more from the living and the more dangerous ones ensure quantity of upper points.
  • Downing: players cooperate to discover the loot lost after an accident
  • The way of trade: a collaborative event in which players defend a train in movement full of supplies from waves of bandits
  • New daily challenges
  • The daily challenges have increased and now also offer specific challenges for the roles.

We remind you that the update, totally free, includes a very long series of improvements to the balance of experience. The movements and animations have both been improved to guarantee greater gameplay speed and distance themselves from the “slowness” of Arthur Morgan. In the same way, even the weapons were the protagonists of a substantial balance to lead players to rely less on headshots alone. In general, expect a much faster and more hectic gaming experience, capable of rewarding both the defensive and the offensive style of play. Obviously, the update also brings with it a huge amount of new cosmetic items, new perks and changes to existing ones.


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