In keeping with the purest tradition of From Software, Sekiro also hosts dozens of NPCs hidden in the most hidden corners of the game maps. Some are useful merchants ready to sell us more or less rare items, others become protagonists of numerous stories that are intertwined on the background of the story of the Wolf.

In this guide we will see all the NPCs present in Sekiro, from traders up to the 'quest giver', analyzing step by step all the steps necessary to complete the missions, as well as the related rewards. Obviously, this page also contains some spoilers of the plot.

Here are all the NPCs of Sekiro, where to find them and how to complete the missions. We have left the inhabitants of the Temple in Ruin to avoid spoilers of any kind.

Surroundings of Ashina


You can find this merchant under a gate in the area of ​​the Sculptor's Idol – Staircase, just before the Orc Chained Boss. If you pay them 50 Sen, he will reveal information about your past at the Hirata estate. If you pay him 100, instead, it will reveal the position of the Burning Jet in the Hirata Estate. You can, in fact, also meet him on the estate, while he is intent on plundering one of the mausoleums.

  • At one point, Anayama will tell you that he would like to expand his business by looking for a product that interests the Samurai Ashina. As you eavesdrop on the conversations in the Ancient Tombs of Ashina Castle, you will discover that the object of Ashina's desire is salt, and you can give it the information to enhance its store. The soldiers from whom you can eavesdrop on the conversation are the samurai and the rifleman on the bridge that leads from Castello Ashina to La Forra
  • After that, he will ask you to find him a strong co-worker: if you want, you can send him Kotaro, the monk at the base of Mount Kongo (only if you have handed Kotaro the red pinwheel it is white). However, if you choose to send Kotaro to the Anayama store, you will not be able to fulfill his request to “disappear”, and you will deprive yourself of the related quest.
  • By sending Kotaro to the shop, Anayama will sell you some materials needed for the enhancements (such as yellow gunpowder and recovered magnetite).

Inosuke Nogami and his mother

Mother and son are found after the first miniboss of the game, not far from the Idol of the Via del Cancello. Go straight after the general's arena and go down to the left to locate them easily. The old woman will give you the Rattle needed to enter the Hirata Estate, praying at the statue of the Smiling Buddha in the Ruined Temple. Once the area is completed, both NPCs will die after being treated by the Dragon's Sore

Crow's Nest Merchant

It is located at the top of the hill to the left of the arena where you defeated the first general, adjacent to the Idol of the Via del Cancello. To get to the top of the hill you have to go through the back, going towards the staircase that houses the Orc Incatenato, and then use the grappling hook and reach the summit. He sells Robert's Castagnola, a very useful prosthetic instrument.

Merchant of the battlefield

This merchant is on the opposite side of the arena where you fought Gyoubu Oniwa compared to the Idol of the Ashina Castle Gate. Cross the battlefield and climb two flights of stairs to find his tent. See a Pumpkin Seed for 1000 Sen.

Ashina's Tengu

Exactly where you found the last merchant, you can see that the street is paved with corpses. Following them, you will enter a building that houses this mysterious shinobi. Speaking to him, he will assign you a mission: you must kill the three 'rats' who are pillaging a garden not far away. To find them, pass the gate of Castello Ashina and go up on the right using the grappling hook; take down the three guys in the hat and return to Tengu to get the Ashina skill tree.

  • Continuing in the main quest, after defeating the Guardian Monkey and the Corrupted Monk, the Tengu will move to the entrance of the Forra, near the Idol of the Snake Sanctuary in the Ashina Castle.
  • If you have acquired the final ability of any skill tree, the Tengu will reward you with the tome to learn the Mushin techniques.
  • In case you have missed the Tengu, pushing too far with the plot, the tome will be delivered to you by Isshin Ashina, atop the tower on the roofs of Ashina Castle. In case Isshin also left the game world, the Mushin tome will be given to you by Emma, ​​inside the Kuro Room.

Hirata Estate


This strange merchant is found inside a vase on the islet in the right branch of the lake in front of Tenuta Hirata. As payment it only accepts Scaglie delle Carpe del Tesoro and, in addition to selling a technique, it also sells a piece of the mysterious mask.

  • In order to access his quest, you must first unlock the Great Carp in the Palace of the Source. Starting from the Idol of the panorama, go up on the roof of the pagoda and follow the branches on the left to identify the Idol of the Great Carp.
  • After you have traded enough Scales with Harunaga, he will give you a special bait and ask you to give it to the Big Carp. The bait is part of a couple: the first belongs to Harunaga, while the second belongs to Koremori. Depending on the bait you will give to the Big Carp, the respective merchant will remain in the game getting in the inventory the instruments of the other, who will instead die. In any case, the reward is a lapis lazuli, one of the rarest augmentation materials in the game.
  • This is the only way to eliminate the Grande Carpa and obtain the relative trophy. After giving the bait to the Carp, you will find his lifeless body in the Pond of the Guardian Monkey, at the bottom of the Gorge.

Nogami Gensai

This honorable samurai will be happy to help you in the battle against Juzou: all you have to do is talk to him on the edge of the small pond that precedes the boss. By keeping it alive for the duration of the boss fight, you won't get anything.

Anayama in the Past

As a looter, the merchant you have already met in the present can also be met on the Hirata estate, near a mausoleum in the great corridor that precedes the Shinobi Enshin Hunter of Misen. If you were to kill him in the past, you will never get the Kunai Phantom of the Moth, which is needed to upgrade your Shurikens.

Ashina Castle

Rate Schwarzkopf

This merchant is located near the Idol of the Ancient Tombs: from the Idol, keep the left and jump on the roof of the building; entering through the hole in the roof, you will find the NPC. He sells a prosthetic instrument, the Loaded Umbrella, and the very powerful Deadly Pick-up technique (buy it as soon as possible).

  • Once you have bought your most expensive items, they will move to the Senpou Temple, next to the kite.
  • When you lift the kite with Ninjutsu Puppeteer, you can meet him on the other side of the valley, praying at his son's grave.
  • Towards the end of the game, he will return to Ashina Castle: once you have defeated the final boss, you will find the merchant wounded to death next to the house where you met him at the beginning: the his quest will be completed, but he will not have time to give you the reward. To get it, you have to hold the interaction button on his lifeless body.

Jinzaemon Kumano

You can meet the Samurai in charge of patrolling the moat at the entrance to the well where you started the game, on the shores of Lake Ashina. There are two ways to continue his quest: you can attract him to the Surgeon Doujun, in the Abandoned Dungeons, where he will be consumed and become a miniboss that you will have to face.

Otherwise, you will meet him twice more: the first in the hidden section of the Abandoned Dungeons, at the bottom of the bottomless abyss, where he tells you that the music is drawing him elsewhere. The second in the hidden forest, at which time it will be clear that its destination is the Village of Mibu in the Abyss of Ashina. The final meeting, which is equivalent to completing the quest, will take place just before the O'Rin miniboss dell'Acqua, near the Idol del Mulino in the Village of Mibu.

There are no special rewards up for grabs: the second quest, however, is one of the most interesting and romantic in the game.

Vecchia Strega

The first time you come across the old one will be on the bridge of the Ashina Castle, where it will reveal the existence of the divine creature in the Senpou temple. You will meet it again in various positions, at the Senpou Temple, in the Abandoned Secret and in the Forra. Each time, it will reveal some information about the secrets of the game, such as the existence of the snake's fruits: it is your main point of reference if you want to unlock the secret Dragon Return without help. If you give rice to the Senpou Temple, it will reveal to you how to overcome the great valley of Mount Kongo. If you give her Rice in the Gorge, she will reveal to you how to distract the Great Serpent. By using objects in its vicinity, you will get rewards: for example, using a Jizo Statuette you will get a Ungo candy


Climb to the bottom of the staircase of the Castle Ashina: when you reach the top, throw yourself on the right in the small alley and you will meet Fujioka intent on hiding from the guards. He will ask you to eliminate them all: if you fulfill his request, he will move to the Ruined Temple becoming a merchant in all respects. Sells a Pumpkin Seed for 2000 Sen and many other useful objects.

Isshin Ashina

You will need to reach Isshin to continue with the main quest. By giving him the fine drinks that you will find around Ashina's surroundings, you will have access to some interesting unique dialogues. Once you reach his room, you will find that Ashina's Tengu was just him. In fact, if you have lost the Tengu, you can get the tome with Mushin techniques right from his hands. To receive it, you must have acquired the final skill of any skill tree.


You can, and you must interact with Kuro several times to continue in the plot. After the clash with Genichiro he will direct you to Isshin as well as reveal, hidden in his library, the key needed to complete the exploration of the Gorge and conclude the second part of the main quest. You can interact with him by bringing him certain tools, such as Rice for Kuro, an apparently necessary object to obtain the final Return. Prolonging Kuro's conversation inside the tower, flattening you against the library wall, you will start a chain of events that will unlock the final Purification.


There is little to say about the Owl: being loyal to the iron code you will continue towards the Shura finale, otherwise towards all the others.

Monte Kongo

Girl of the Water of Rejuvenation

This NPC is essential to complete the final Return of the Dragon. On this page you can find all the steps of his quest, but be careful: it contains spoilers . To meet her the first time, you must have defeated Genichiro and have access to the sanctuary of the Senpou Temple. Whenever you speak to her in the Sancta Sanctorum she will give you some rice.


The derelict monk stands against a tree on the right as he enters the region of Mount Kongo. His quest has two possible outcomes: if you give him the Red and White Pinwheel that you can find not far from the Idol of Shugendo, you can send it as an aide to the Anayama shop, upgrading the inventory, or from the surgeon Doujun, where it will be transformed into simple Adipe.

Otherwise, you will have the opportunity to fulfill your wish: the Pure White Girandola is located on a mountain not far from the Red and White. Starting from the area with all the pinwheels, drop to the left and you will notice a small wooden bridge right below you, along the side of the mountain. Jump to reach it, go along it and leap over the crevasse, clinging to the ledge on the other side. Follow the path and you will find the Girandola. Once the White Pinwheel has been delivered, you will need the Shinobi Fan to fulfill Kotaro's requests and complete the quest. After making it disappear, you can meet him in the Chamber of Illusions, where you have captured the Temple Monkeys.

Merchant of the Shugendo

From the Idol of Shugendo, keep the left and go down to find the merchant. In addition to selling the Lotus necessary to complete the quest of the Divine Maiden, she offers the bags from 1000 Sen, very useful for not losing money on death.

Abandoned Secret

Merchant of the secret

Exactly next to the first idol of the dungeons. Among his most important objects, we find a Rosary Grain and a piece of the mysterious dancing dragon mask.


The sinister surgeon is a few meters from the entrance to the Secret, and will ask you to find a Samurai for his master Dosaku's experiments.

  • You can send Jinzaemon Kumano, the samurai you meet in Lake Ashina, or the monk Kotaro after giving him the Red and White Pinwheel. Regardless of who you decide to send, you will receive Adipe as a reward.
  • After completing the Abysses of Ashina, you will find Doujun in tears in the usual position: he will give you a new letter. This time you have to find the Red Eyes of the Carp, which you can find by removing a fish in the large lake in the middle of the Mibu Village.
  • At this point, returning to the surgeon, you will witness Dosaku's betrayal of Doujun
  • Pass through the hole in the underwater gate (you will need the diving skill you get in Mibu Village), along the road to the Senpou temple, and use the grappling hook to enter his quarters, where you will have the opportunity to speak to him once more.
  • Returning towards the Senpou Temple, across the small river, you will find a couple of familiar miniboss waiting for you: once defeated, the quest will end with a resounding twist.

La Forra

Merchant of the Poison

Located at the bottom of the Gorge, this merchant sells a series of useful objects to deal with the area, including the flask to permanently cure the poison status.

Abyss of Ashina

Monaco of the Mibu Village

If you bring the Water of the Palace (you can get it at the Palazzo della Sorgente) to the cleric of the village, it will turn into an Okami and, once killed, will drop 5 Scaglie delle Carpe del Tesoro.

Exiled Merchant

The merchant is on the other side of the waterway near the Idol of the Mibu Village: he sells the flask to cure the Terror status, a couple of useful Treasure Carp Scales and a Bottle of Isshin Sake Ashina.

Palace of the Source


This is the second merchant interested in Scaglia di Carpe del Tesoro and he too, inexplicably, has an arm inside a vase. To reach it, you have to start from the Idol of the panorama and get on the roof. This time, instead of going left towards the Big Carp, you have to hold on to the branches on the right and cross a cave to reach it. He sells several very rare items, including a piece of the dragon mask and two lapis lazuli. He too, completing the quest for the Big Carp, will inherit his colleague's inventory leaving you a lapis lazuli.

Temple in Ruin

Hanbei the Immortal

Hanbei serves as a tutorial for the work, and is not part of a real quest. However, you can kill it and get the unique object Hidden Tooth, which will allow you to die at any time (probably thought to allow “without resurrection” runs). To donate death to Hanbei, you must have access to the Deadly Blade, a sword obtained by continuing in the main quest.


By giving Emma Pumpkin Seeds you will strengthen the flasks: bringing nine of them, you will also get the relative trophy. When your first NPC falls ill with the Dragonfly ( you will find all the details here ) will teach you how to cure the disease. After the clash with Genichiro, Emma moves to the Kuro tower at Ashina Castle. Choosing to pursue the Shura ending, he will be one of the last bosses in the game.

The Sculptor

The Sculptor is the reference NPC for prosthetic arm enhancements. After gaining a skill point, he will donate the Tomo Shinobi, after having equipped three instruments with the Prosthesis. You can give him the drinks you find in the game world to learn more about his wonderful story. Towards the end of the game, after completing the Palace of the Source, the Sculptor will abandon the Temple and become an extremely powerful secret boss: to meet him you must, starting from the Ashina Castle, climb the rooftops and follow the smoke on the chimneys to reach a kite to hold on with the grappling hook. Then you will find an Idol of the Sculptor that will lead you to the relative clash.

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