Where to find all objects to enhance Vitality and Strength.

In Sekiro there are objects called Rosary beads; the operation is very simple: they can be spent while resting at the Idols of the Sculptor to increase some of the few statistics of the Wolf, or vitality and posture.

4 Rosary Grains are required for to be able to construct the entire prayer necklace to any Idol and consequently increase the attributes.

Collecting all of them, moreover, the relative Trophy will be unlocked. Don't worry, all grains can be recovered at any time during the game, but we recommend getting them as soon as possible to simplify your life in battle considerably.

Surroundings of Ashina

  • Dropped by General Naomori Kawarada, immediately after the Idol of the Gate Pass, the first miniboss of the game
  • Dropped by the Orc Fettered, the second miniboss encountered not far from the Idol near the stairway
  • Dropped by General Tenzen Yamauchi, the miniboss in the square immediately behind the Orc Fettered
  • After defeating the first real boss near the idol of the Ashina Castle Gate, cross the arena and go up the stairs instead of continuing with the path next to the idol. Next to the friendly samurai inside the wooden structure, use the grappling hook to reach the attic; in the upper room there is a chest that contains the Wheat
  • Still at the Gate of Ashina Castle, this Wheat is dropped from the Flaming Tent, where sooner or later you will come across by force.

Hirata Estate

  • Dropped by the miniboss Shinobi Hunter, Enshin of Misen, a guy armed with a spear whom you will meet across the bridge.
  • Dropped by the Juzou, near the Main Hall of the residence, just after the small pond.
  • In the Dojo just before the boss Moth, break the sliding doors with a sword to reveal a chest containing the Grains.

Ashina Castle

  • Dropped by General Kuranosuke Matsumoto, up the stairs from the first Idol of the castle.
  • Dropped by Shikiku Toshikatsu Yamauchi, in the enemy camp of Lake Ashina
  • Dropped by the Shadow Shadow, in the same area as the previous miniboss. This time, however, you have to overcome the knoll with the grapple behind the drummer who tries to warn the enemies of your presence. Throwing yourself in the hole you will find the miniboss.
  • To reach the merchant who sells the Wheat for 1400 Sen, you have to jump off the bridge near the first Idol of the castle and use the grappling hook to reach the wooden bridge. Follow the path to find the merchant and the entrance of the Forsaken Fathers.
  • It is dropped by Jinsuke Saze, the scarcest miniboss of the game that is found in the highest tower of the castle (the Dojo).

Monte Kongo

  • Dropped by the armored warrior, the first miniboss in the area you will come across.
  • Dropped by Sen'Un, the centipede, shortly after the third Idol of the area.

La Forra

  • From the first Idol della Forra, go to the right and cling to the ledge to reach a hidden area in the surroundings of Ashina. One of the objects on the ground is a Wheat
  • Dropped by the Shirafuji Hawkeye miniboss, impossible to miss.
  • Dropped by the Centopiedi Braccialunghe Giraffa miniboss, in the room to the left of the fort.
  • Immediately after the third Idol della Forra, the Fortino, there is a room that houses the Centopiedi miniboss. Once defeated, you can crouch to enter an underground section and reach the exit on the left side of the tunnel. From here, use the grappling hook to reach the ledge on the left using all the holds on the right to reach the cave. Keep to the right and you will arrive in a blind alley full of lizards: the luminous object is the Grain of Rosario.

The last Grains will arrive soon

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