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That's right: we decided to venture into Solo mode. We still believe that teamwork is essential in Apex Legends, but we want to give you the chance to play solo too for a while.

The primary objective is to maintain a balanced matchmaking in all modes, so it is still too early to tell whether we will decide to keep this new mode or not. We'll see. As always, if you have ideas or advice to give us, we are all listening.

Gauntlet di Octane

Octane worked hard, and remodeled part of the Canyon to give free rein to his follies. Go take a look! Thanks to trampolines and the ring of fire you can eliminate enemy teams with style.

It's nice to be able to modify the map to reflect the personality of the legends, so we decided that the Gauntlet will remain in the Canyon even after the end of the event. If the community finds it to your liking, we will try to add other similar elements in the future.

Iron Crown Pack

The Iron Crown event brings new themed items, available only for a limited time. The objects are part of a fixed set and are 24 in total, of which 12 are epic and 12 legendary. There will be no common or rare objects, and there will be no duplication

The presence of a fixed and duplicate-free set indicates that, if you have already found all and 12 the epic items, the later Packs will only be able to release legendary items.


A new currency arrives with the Iron Crown event. Let's talk about the crowns. You can get them by completing challenges and opening the collection packs. Crowns can be used in the section of the store dedicated to the event to purchase rare, epic and legendary exclusive content available for a limited time.

If you succeed in unlocking all and 24 the Iron Crown objects during the event, you will be given the opportunity to purchase the Bloodhound Family Heirloom set with Apex coins. At the end of the event, the set will be added to the list of objects that can be found in the normal Apex Packs.

In addition, unused crowns will be converted into creation metals. All the packs in the Corona collection of iron and the contents related to the event in the store are limited.

Challenges and free loot

During the Iron Crown event, completing a variety of challenges, you will receive two special packs, exclusive event badges and crowns

Double XP weekend

From hours 19: 00 del 16 August until hours 19: 00 del 19 August, you will receive double XP for each win and placement between the first 5. The bonus will be applied to both the player level and the battle pass level


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