Amplitude Studios, in collaboration with NGD Studios, is excited to announce that “ Awakening “, the new expansion of Endless Space 2 , is available now. If you've never played Endless Space 2 yet, here's a brief summary: it's a galactic-themed turn-based strategy game that puts you in command of a true space empire. The Endless universe is full of different factions fighting for power, each with its own unique stories and features, aspects that also change the gameplay based on the player's initial choice.

This asymmetry is even more evident in “Awakening”, thanks to the introduction of the new Nakalim faction. Usually, what the factions of ES2 have in common is that the initial stages of play are always characterized by growth and expansion. With the Nakalim, on the other hand, we begin as a technologically advanced civilization, recently awakened from a dormant state. The player's mission is not to expand, rather to seek out ancient relics to regain lost lands and maintain power by avoiding decline.


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