The solutions for email protection of Barracuda Networks are increasingly appreciated and are driving the company's financial results . For the fiscal year 2019, which ended on 28 February, recorded a turnover of over 200 million dollars and growth continued in the following months, with an increase of 122% in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2020 .

Barracuda Essentials , specifically, r recorded growth in orders of 46% year on year, but the real surprise comes from the solution Barracuda Sentinel, whose orders marked an increase of 440% .

We are proud of the continuous growth of the solutions for email protection “- commented BJ Jenkins, CEO of Barracuda Our product pipeline is solid and allows us to offer customers email protection that goes beyond the gateway to ensure the safety of users and organizations. We will continue to expand our portfolio with complete and easy-to-use solutions to protect users from targeted attacks based on social engineering such as compromised business emails and takeover accounts . “

What are Barracuda Sentinel and Barracuda Essentials?

Essentials and Sentinel and there are two cloud-based email protection solutions made by Barracuda. Essentials, as the name suggests, includes a series of fundamental basic functions for securing the corporate email which, as is known, represent the main vector of IT attack: more than 90% of threats are spread through e-mail. Essentials includes a filter that eliminates spam and malware, including zero-day attacks thanks to its Advanced Threat Protection features, which also include sandboxing features, useful for detecting unknown threats. Very useful functions to recognize even the threats that come from within the company, which can be configured to prevent sensitive corporate data from being sent externally .

Sentinel, on the other hand, is an email protection solution based on artificial intelligence , extremely simple to install. Unlike Essentials, which requires the attention of the IT department to be installed and configured, Sentinel can be integrated in a minute, literally . It connects directly with the Office API 365 and protects against targeted attacks, such as those of spear phishing and CEO Fraud , those situations in which a fraudster tries to obtain sensitive information by impersonating the CEO or other executives.


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