Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could include a mode battle royale , and second the last rumors will be available free as a stand alone module, downloadable separately from the basic game.

To bring back these rumors was the youtuber Long Sensation, which had brought back in advance the official title of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and to which it must therefore be given act of having published rumors that later proved to be well founded

According to this source, the battle royale mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will not be available at launch, but will arrive at the beginning of 2020 in stand alone version, as done by Epic Games with Fortnite .

If these rumors were true, Long Sensation added, it would be a good move by Activision , which could promote the last episode of the series with a single blow traditional format but at the same time try to break into a popular genre such as the battle royale free-to-play .

So apparently Battle Royale in # ModernWarfare will be a free mode to release in early 2020. It will be downloadable as a separate game, but will still be connected to the core game. If this is true then it's a very good move by Activision.

– LongSensation (@LongSensationYT) August 7, 2019


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