Cooler Master Silencio S600 e S400: tanta sobrietà, pochissimo rumore

The two new Cooler Master houses fit into a very interesting family of the producer, in search of maximum silence in a very interesting price range. They both cost less than 100 and implement various sound-absorbing panels. Do-it-yourself, in this case, would cost a little more and not always guarantee the same results. All in the name of maximum sobriety.

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Cooler Master

Introduction and prices

Often the houses are mistakenly considered to be of good quality only on the basis of the possibility of housing, or the availability of supports for the installation of fans of more or less important dimensions. In recent generations there has also been an almost frenzied proliferation of systems with various types of lighting, LED strips as if it were raining and aesthetic compartments that to define extremes is a euphemism. The houses of the Silencio family of Cooler Master , instead, are aimed at users who mainly want the system to be as less invasive as possible in the environment, both in terms of aesthetics and sound.

The models of the family are different, and all are characterized by the same minimalist approach to design, almost as if they wanted to disappear within the meaning. The new models arrived at the editorial office: Cooler Master Silencio S 600 and Cooler Master Silencio S 400 , practically equal on an aesthetic level with the S 400 which differs only in size and support of motherboards, being only slightly less versatile than its older brother. All the bulkheads of the case are covered with fairly thick sound-absorbing panels, all combined with a decidedly competitive list price: the largest coastline 99 €, the smallest 89, in both cases VAT included.

Cooler Master Silencio S 600 and S 400: external

Cooler Master Silencio S 600 is a case designed to accommodate ATX, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboards that at first glance looks like an all-black parallelepiped. This is especially true if you choose the version with side panel without tempered glass, simpler to look at but also quieter. In the inner part of the panel there is in fact a layer of sound-absorbing material, which tries to prevent the passage towards the outside of the sound waves generated by the components installed in the system. The variant with tempered glass is more beautiful, needless to say the contrary, and sacrifices a little silence for aesthetics

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Cooler Master Silencio S 400

Cooler Master Silencio S 600

Cooler Master Silencio S 400

Cooler Master Silencio S 400

Cooler Master Silencio S 400

Cooler Master Silencio S 400

Cooler Master Silencio S 400

Cooler Master Silencio S 400

The same goes for Cooler Master Silencio S 400 , identical on the aesthetic level to the older brother and with the possibility to choose tempered glass panel or panel in metal with sound-absorbing material. Both are linear like shapes, characterized by a sort of front door that opens thanks to the hinges installed. On the other hand, instead, we find two magnets that make the closure extremely stable, with a feeling of solidity that also bodes well for the difficult test of time. Opening the front “door” we have access to the room from 5. 25 “, where an optical drive can be installed, and to a large filter removable dust which guarantees a simple and fast maintenance

Cooler Master Silencio S 600 with tempered glass panel

The door encloses a thick layer of spongy sound-absorbing material on the inside. Moving to the upper part we find a small panel pre-installed that covers a grid for the installation of fans or liquid installation kits, but in the original equipment there is also an anti-dust sheet that allows more air to pass: the user can in short, to establish whether you prefer performance or silence, also based on specific needs, since all the components can be attached using small magnetic strips. On the top we also find the I / O panel, with two USB 3.0 ports, the Cooler Master logo-shaped power button, a 3.5mm combo jack and even an SD memory card reader

We also have a small anti-dust magnetic sheet at the bottom, near the fan of the power supply, while it is quite characteristic that the side panel is slightly smaller than the entire surface and covers only one his part. The lower part is instead static and is accessible for assembly and maintenance work only by removing the opposite panel. Furthermore, both side panels are equipped with a sound-absorbing panel unless you choose to install the tempered glass panel. In the quieter configuration the passage of air is guaranteed through the front parts (through a sort of recess near the door), rear and lower, for a solution not so sacrificed in terms of air recirculation

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  • Cooler Master Silencio S 600: 99 €
  • Cooler Master Silencio S 400: 89 €

Cooler Master Silencio S 600 and S 400: Technical specifications


Silencio S 600 Silencio S 400


478 x 209 x 470 mm 418 x 210 x 408 mm

Supported motherboards


Expansion slots

7 4

HDD / SSD slot

5, 25 “

1x ODD 1x ODD

3.5 “

4x HDD 4x HDD

2.5 “

5x SSD / HDD 4x SSD


I / O Ports

2x USB 3.0 Type-A

1x Audio combo
2x USB 3.0 Type-A

1x Audio combo

Fans preinstalled


1 x 120 mm 1 x 120 mm



1x 120 mm 1x 120 mm

Installable fans


2x 120 / 140 mm 2x 120 / 140 mm


2x 120 / 140 mm 1x 120 / 140 mm

2x 120 / 140 mm *


1x 120 mm 1x 120 mm


Supp. liquid kit


120 / 140 / 240 / 280 mm 120 / 140 / 240 / 280 mm


120 / 240 mm 120 mm

240 mm *


1x 120 mm 1x 120 mm


Support for CPU heatsink

167 mm 167 mm

Support for video card

398 mm 319 mm

Support for PSU

180 mm 140 mm

319 mm *

* Configuration possible only by removing the disk cage

The two houses Cooler Master they do not lack anything in terms of technical specifications and assembler compatibility: they support up to five fans, of which four are from 140 mm (two in the front and the same in the upper part), as well as the more conventional liquid kits with maximum lengths 280 mm. Regarding the drives, the model Silencio S 600 can contain up to four 3.5 “disks and five 2.5” disks, while Silencio S 400 has slots for four discs from 3.5 “and four from 2.5”. But where is the space for all these units considering that the disk cage is practically absent? Storage units can be installed above or inside the power supply tunnel, or behind the motherboard plate, where cable management is performed. In our opinion, a decidedly shrewd solution.

Cooler Master Silencio S 600

The two systems can accommodate high CPU heat sinks 167 mm, while support is provided for long feeders maximum 180 mm e 140 mm respectively for Silencio S 600 and S 400. Removing the disk cage, and not using a liquid heat sink on the front, on S 400 you can reach 325 mm for the power supply. There are not many problems for the video card, which can reach almost lengths 400 mm on S 600 is 320 mm for S 400. In short, the two houses offer excellent compatibility of fans and storage units, while maintaining the overall dimensions of the fairly limited products. In addition the linear forms and the lack of a traditional cage for the discs allows an easy installation of the system, which is a characteristic that often takes a back seat in the choice of a system, but it is always a pleasant surprise

Cooler Master Silencio S 400

Cooler Master Silencio S 600 and S 400 : Interiors

If the exteriors of the two Silencio they are extremely rational as far as dimensions and lines are concerned, we cannot say anything different regarding the internal part. Both are conceptually identical: in the lower part there is a complete tunnel that covers the power supply and all the cables that lead to it, with a small compartment near the front that allows the passage anyway. The disk cage is absent . On the upper part, also in this case near the front of the case, we find a small cage to accommodate just one drive or a peripheral in the 5 format, 25 “: this is a feature that was once extremely popular, but no longer as usual with the new models. cable that allows you to place cables strategically and cleanly

Surely the space granted for cable management is appreciable, especially considering the size of the two houses. It is possible to cram quite bulky cables in the back of the motherboard plate, all in favor of a clean assembly. There are no accessory features that, for example, we find on some higher-end products in the range: for example, there is no fan hub, which would have allowed for a more orderly installation of the fans, especially from the point of view of the cables, and greater ability to manage them. The two Silencio, however, want to be essential homes and are designed solely and exclusively for the user who only requires the minimum noise level of their system. And they succeed very well in this task, with panels and sound-absorbing layers on all the sensitive parts of the case.

The installation of the system is extremely convenient: the space is not huge, but the absence of the disk cage helps particularly in assembly operations. Furthermore, we definitely appreciated the idea of ​​supplying various anti-vibration pads for installing hard disks. For a case that aims to be mainly silent they are indispensable. In the endowment we also find the brackets for putting the disks in place, the screws necessary for the installation of the components, and also the clamps (not so beautiful to see, but certainly effective) to order the cables. In addition, as we have written above, the equipment includes two flexible magnetic sheets that can be used to replace the panel in the upper part of the case. In this way, a bit of “silence” is renounced to favor the recirculation of the air.

Of note is the cage for the discs that is hidden under the tunnel of the power supply, in an extremely intelligent position even though it could annoy the power supply cables, especially on non-modular models. Don't worry, though: on both models the cage can be removed (if you don't need to use the additional slots for 3.5 “disks.

Cooler Master Silencio S 600 and S 400: Conclusions

I consider myself a sort of maniac of silence. That kind of user, a bit crazy, I admit, who prefers a few dB less by sacrificing the temperature of the CPU and GPU. In my personal desktop there are only fans with speed set to no more than 650 rpm (especially in winter), and these two Cooler Master houses are an excellent solution for all users with these needs. They offer at a reasonable price the possibility of buying a case with sound-absorbing panels where they are needed without having to select specific parts and components, perhaps going to spend big bucks. The two Silencio S 600 and S 400 offer all the indispensable already standard, with already custom-made panels and a sound-absorbing sponge on the front. All the fans also use filters whose maintenance is extremely simple.

In terms of finishes Cooler Master did not spend much, but the two Silencio give a great feeling of solidity. The front panel is in plastic, as well as part of the hinges used for its opening, for two houses that also focus on the quality-price ratio and had to come down to some compromise. However, aesthetics is not ugly, given that the company has worked well on the linear form factor giving a sensation to the eye that may not be premium, but which is still pleasant. Those we have tried are two well-kept and concrete houses, designed for those who prefer substance to appearance. And above all, they are designed for those who love silence above all, without disdaining performance.

The slots for the fans are adequate for cooling high-performance systems, even with important GPUs, and the availability of disk compartments is quite wide for consumer needs. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of using a tempered glass panel when we want to put the interiors in plain sight. In short, with the Silencio S 600 and S 400 Cooler Master addresses a very specific market niche and does so in our opinion very interesting. The two houses can be chosen without problems by the less experienced user and not very practical with this type of solutions, but can represent an extremely comfortable solution even for the most expert who want a solution ready for use


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