As expected, Hideo Kojima attended the Tokyo Game Show 2019 with a new trailer and a long demo of Death Stranding. Will the game of connections end up splitting the audience in half?

These last months have been punctuated by periodic debates on the real nature of Death Stranding . The new intellectual property, born from the creative genius of Hideo Kojima and waiting on PlayStation 4 in early November, it seems to have literally split the player community in half; on one side, the strenuous supporters of the creativity of which the Japanese designer has always been a bearer, on the other, those who could not help expressing skepticism by analyzing in a detached manner what has been shown in recent months

After the interim movie proposed at the Gamescom's Opening Night 2019 – which had contributed to raising more doubts than certainties about the play structure of the work – the presentation of the Tokyo Game Show 2019 was expected as a much more concrete test, a truly pragmatic analysis of the potential of this title to make inroads into the public. Was it actually so? Nì, in the sense that the extended demo proposed today has allowed us to go a little deeper into the interactive dynamics, but has also left open many small and large questions about the game's ability to keep the attention of the user alive .

Death Stranding Screenshot 1

In order for the public to better contextualize the impervious mission that awaits Sam “Porter” Bridges , the gameplay video was anticipated from the trailer “Briefing” , in which the protagonist meets Amelie (played by Lindsay Wagner) and the disturbing Die-Hardman . And it is precisely during this meeting, set in the Oval Room of the White House, that Sam learns of a mission aimed at re-establishing the connection between the populations of the whole country. After three long years the operation was interrupted due to the Homo Demons , a militarized faction that took the convoy out and took Amelie hostage , forcing her to remain a prisoner on the west coast. It is precisely up to Sam to travel from one coast to another in the United States to try to bring all the Chiral Network stations located throughout the territory online

In almost 50 minutes of gameplay revealed at TGS 2019 , Hideo Kojima illustrated in detail various game mechanics. From the images it was possible to extrapolate a series of useful information to provide us with a slightly more organic picture of the philosophy of this title. Once again we have seen Sam struggling with the transport of a variable amount of packages that can be placed in various parts of the body, receiving punctual confirmation of the need to conserve these resources with the greatest possible care

Death Stranding Screenshot 5

The sequences offer only brief references to the presence of the phases stealth in the vicinity of the outposts, alternated with phases of combat which, due to their structure and variety, still arouse some perplexity. Added to this are the phases on board the vehicles, including the motorcycle we had already seen in action previously. For the first time the clash with a boss coming from the parallel plane of the reality with which the characters of Death Stranding will have to do is also on display. accounts during the adventure.

From what we have seen so far, Kojima's new work is confirmed outside the ordinary, based on the specific intention of differentiating itself from the rest of the industry, while re-elaborating some typical elements of the previous titles realized by the Japanese author. A story focused above all on the theme of the journey, a clear criticism of the condition of contemporary society from the point of view of social relations. The most fascinating component is precisely linked to the sharing of the game world with the rest of the community, evidenced by the possibility of encountering objects and clear signs of the passage of other players in those same desolate lands, combined with the survival and exploratory part.

On the other hand, never as in this case does it seem premature to be able to express a judgment without having examined all that the work has to offer. The feeling is that there is still a lot to discover beneath the surface, but to be sure we will have to wait a few more weeks. That's all for the moment but we'll be back very soon to talk about Death Stranding; more precisely on Saturday, when a new sequence played for thirty minutes will be shown

What do you think about it? Has the extensive gameplay video of Death Stranding shown at TGS 2019 captured you or are you skeptical about the contents offered by the game? Let's talk about.


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