Epic Games announced that it had signed agreements to bring in another eight exclusive titles Epic Games Store on PC. The announcement was made with a trailer during the PAX West in Seattle.

Below is the complete list:

  • Airborne Kingdom
  • The Alto Collection
  • Manifold Garden
  • No Straight Roads
  • Ooblets
  • Superliminal
  • Wattam
  • The Eternal Cylinder

Airborne Kingdom is a management in which it will take control of a flying city. To broaden your horizons you need to better manage resources and try to expand the community as much as possible. The release is expected during 2020.

Alto Collection contains the endless runners Alto's Adventure e Alto's Odyssey , while Manifold Garden is an exploratory first-person game. The list also includes No Straight Roads , a unique action game in which enemies must be faced in time to music.

Ooblets is a simulator of gardening with combat mechanics inspired by Pokémon games. Superliminal is instead a puzzle game in first person in which objects are manipulated. Close the list Wattam, colorful action by the creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, and The Eternal Cylinder, survival open world by Good Sheperd Entertainment and Ace Team (Zeno Clash ).

Even today, Epic Games Store has been updated with new free games this week . The next to be proposed will be The End is Nigh and Abzu

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