Control, the new title of the Remedy, has just been released, and soon after the first mod was released, which aims to add some gaps, quite serious indeed, to the graphic settings.

The mods in fact give the possibility to customize the FOV and to remove the annoying motion blur effect , the latter at the moment only for the versions DX 11. Note instead that the FOV fix works both for the DX version 11 and for DX 12.

You can download the fix for the FOV from this address , while to install it you will not have to do anything but extract the contents in the folder of play and start “CTRL_FOVChanger” before starting the actual game. Then you can fix the FOV by pressing F1 or F2.

Conversely, the motion blur fix can be downloaded directly from here . The installation procedure is the same for the previous one, with the difference that once in the game it will be enough to press F4.

It is still incredible that Remedy forgot to include natively this kind of settings that are basically discounted on PC. Unfortunately, at present , in the game there is even a key to walk for those who use mouse and keyboard, but we do not doubt that a mod can also come out for that – but hopefully more an official patch!


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