Like a Tamagotchi but less puccioso.

Of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in these weeks we have talked a lot about it. The game for example will support mouse and keyboard on PS4 and Xbox One, the maps will be able to contain a maximum of 100 players, and it will also be possible the cross-play on all platforms .

However Infinity Ward has revealed something more about the game, in particular a very nice feature that allows you to carry around a virtual pet similar to Tamagotchi . This strange idea came to the artistic director Joel Emslie thanks to his insane passion for watches. “ We wanted to insert the wristwatch into the game (*************” explains the multiplayer design director Geoff Smith and one of our developers was enthusiastic about it, so he created a kit that allows you to have the real time in the game “.

The development studio later began to grind other ideas: “ We were thinking of a multitude of possibilities, when we came up with the idea of ​​implementing a little virtual animal, called Tamagunchi that you will be able to equip in cooperative and multiplayer mode. Basically it is like a Tamagotchi, only that you will feed it by killing the opponents: the more you will make it out and the more he will rejoice . “


The Tamagunchi will behave just like those little animals so popular in the years' 90. As an egg, as you grind killings, it will evolve and react to your performance. Obviously, apart from the fact that for now it has not been implemented, the creature will have to be constantly looked after: if you don't take care of it it will die. This feature may not even be enabled if you are one of those who have no intention of looking after a virtual pet during the game, but it is certainly a curious thing especially for the CoD franchise.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting from 25 October.

Source: GameInformer


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