Capcom today released a new trailer which revealed new details about Monster Hunter World: Iceborne , the awaited expansion of Monster Hunter: World. In the video we talk about the return of Zinogre , the wolf-like wolf-favorite thunder, and the old dragon Namielle is also shown dispensing powerful attacks using water.

Zinogre is the last monster added to the expansion list, ready to challenge hunters with his dazzling attacks. Players will have to rely on their Master level skills and use extreme caution when Zinogre starts to supercharge to succeed.

The trailer also allows us to observe in detail Namielle, a Elder Dragon all new that has the power to evoke water by triggering high pressure attacks on unsuspecting hunters. To defeat it, it will be necessary to proceed with caution and not to underestimate its brilliant and multicolored appearance.

Before the publication of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, scheduled for September 6th, it will be possible to test the game in the next beta sessions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . The tests will be available for all users PS4 from 09: 00 of Friday 30 August at 08: 59 of Monday, September 2.

Then the beta will take place for Xbox One , from 09: 00 of Monday 2 September at 8: 59 of Thursday 5 September. Pre-loading options will be available a couple of days before the start of each phase. The Monster Hunter: World base game is not required to participate in the beta of Iceborne . To play the final version, however, it is essential to be in possession of the basic game, have completed the main story and reached the Grado Cacciatore 16.


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