A few hours ago, on the official site of Pokémon Sword and Shield , appeared a mysterious icon that leads to the page of an unknown Pokémon. The peculiarity of this creature is that it seems to be a Pokémon glitch or Glitchmon , since many of his data, including the sprite , are obscured.


CATEGORY: Pokémon ???

TYPE : Fight


WEIGHT : 117, 0 kg

SKILL : Cuordeciso

It is not yet clear if Game Freak wanted to obscure some of his data on purpose to reveal them in the future or if the creature in question is really a Pokémon Glitch: in any case it would be a revelation to say the least brilliant and unique, similar to the one that was made for the announcement of Meltan .

What is a Pokémon Glitch ? They are simply creatures that are generated by programming errors. The first generation titles are full of these Glitchmon hidden in the game codes: one of the best known is certainly MissingNo . Game Freak would have included this creature with the will to pay homage to these particular Pokémon by making them capture them in Sword and Shield Pokémon .

The Lotta type, his ability and his heavy weight also make it think that it is a Pokémon inspired by a knight. Also his artwork , if turned upside down, points out that this creature seems to wield a shield and a spear, or maybe a sword, to recall the official symbols of the eighth generation titles.

On the site there is also a small description, with some obscured words:

The specimens with many struggles behind […] ndo […] stands. If his […] is […] a, he leaves the battlefield.

In your opinion what is it? New Darkened Pokémon or Pokémon Glitch?


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