Try to exceed biometric security technologies, such as Face ID of Apple , can be complex but at the same time profitable for the interest that could provoke the success of an operation of this type. A group of researchers showed the Black Hat Conference 2019 an interesting experiment.

Face ID Apple

First of all, to use the new system the victim of the attack must be either unconscious or asleep. At this point it will be necessary to use glasses with black and white scotch that simulate the person's eyes. This trick is necessary because Face ID tries to understand if the user actually has open eyes and is looking towards the smartphone before unlocking the device.

How did you succeed with a simple pair of glasses to overcome the defenses of Apple ? The waking state control system does not collect 3D information from the eye area when glasses are worn

The proposed system has proved to be effective, fast and inexpensive but obviously also restricted to particular scenarios that are difficult to verify realistically. A sleeping person (without the use of substances or drugs) would hardly not wake up if someone made them wear glasses. Moreover the attack should take place in an area with few people nearby to avoid being suspicious.

Face ID of Apple therefore remains a secure system for the 'common user even if it is not excluded that, starting from these discoveries, it is not possible to realize even more effective methods to try to overcome it.


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