SoraNews 24 portal that deals with publishing curiosities about the Japanese world, has had the opportunity to meet and interview Kento Suga from Niantic

Kento Suga is the Pokémon GO Global Marketing Leader of Niantic and follows the Pokémon GO project since its release in 2016. During the chat with the SoraNews journalist 24, the Japanese revealed some background and information on the game. We summarize the most important ones here!

The interviewer started by asking for information on the catch rate of the color Pokémon and whether it is actually the same for all players around the world. Suga has confirmed that this is so and that no one has any advantage over the others, whatever the level or other parameters of the player. He himself says he has lots of chromatic Beldum for example, but no Slakoth.

scambio speciale Pokémon GO

We then talked about special exchanges : at least for the moment the daily limit will remain only one special exchange and only on special occasions such as Pokémon GO Fest will be possible to make 5. Suga also excludes the possibility of remote exchanges being introduced to avoid undermining the balance of the game.

Niantic is happy with the interaction between Coaches and how they communicate through social networks . At the moment it is not willing to introduce internal messaging systems

Pacchi amicizia Pokémon GO

Regarding the friends and the Friends packages , the team is working to improve the functionality. There is therefore the possibility that what we saw during the event of friendship packages is repeated. Many users have asked to be able to collect some packages received from friends or collected during their travels. Niantic is open to possibility

Pokémon GO Palestre

The developers are also working to improve the struggles in the Gyms, Raids and Trainer Challenges (ed: we have seen some clues in a recent datamining ). Another feature that has obtained a great approval over the forecast is Photo GO that could soon also have a selfie modality according to Suga.

A proposal from so many players is to be able to decide whether to use the Poké Balls, the Mega Balls or the Ultra Balls along with the Pokémon GO Plus. Unfortunately Niantic does not plan to add this option and we will have to settle for Poké Balls as done till now.

On the question of raising the maximum level of the Trainers beyond 40 and on the implementation of the mega-evolutions , Suga replied that he cannot express himself on the matter. He did not deny the possibility and this makes us think that Niantic could take care of it in the future.

The interview concludes with a discussion on the density of Pokéstops that varies from area to area of ​​the world. Niantic is aware of the problem of players in rural areas, with few points of interest, and wants to push the reporting of new Pokéstops in more and more countries. The problem of balancing Pokémon's appearances is complex and the team is not willing to place fictitious Pokéstops around the world.


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