The fanatics of the rumble of internal combustion engines , those that have always been combined with power and speed and, above all, at the races. The electric seems to be the future also on the track: Elon Musk announced the new record signed by Tesla in Laguna Seca in relation to other four-door cars, where one Model S has darted into 1: 36. 555 exceeding the best previous lap by about one second

“The Model S recorded a lap record for four-door cars in the Laguna Seca circuit” , reads the tweet disclosed by Musk. There are many limitations of electric motors on the track, both in terms of involvement for those in the stands, and in terms of sustained performance over time. However on the dry lap Tesla has just entered the history of one of the most iconic circuits of all time launching a challenge to anyone willing to compete.

Among the most accredited names Porsche and Mercedes, which will enter the sector elbowing directly with Tesla. The Model S record was registered with the new “Plaid” engine that uses three electric motors, and not two, inside a prototype of the car with a prototype chassis . The previous record at Laguna Seca for four-door cars was recorded last year by one Jaguar XE SV Project 8 , and was a slower second

It must be said that to see the new engine for sale we will have to wait “about a year”, when Plaid will be used on almost all models: Model S, Model X and even on the new Roadster. The next objective is to overcome Porsche at (perhaps even more iconic) Nürburgring , a long and difficult track where the Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg offered to drive for the American company. E this is not just that “beginning”


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