Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is the last incredible work of Rob Letterman , released under Warner Bros. last 9 May 2019 . The film was proclaimed as a real international success , collecting today 431, 2 million dollars worldwide, and in fact marking the history of videogame adaptations in the cinema

For all those who have not had the chance to see the thrilling adventures of the little yellow mouse in the theater – we remember, from the iconic voice of Ryan Reynolds – or even for those who want to relive them once again in the comfort of their own home, the feature film is officially available for purchase in DVD and Blu-Ray a starting tomorrow, 12 September .

On the e-commerce site of Amazon.it we point out that it is possible to find all the versions of the film, even those 3D and 4K and the special collector's packages which include a beautiful steelbook and a delicious plush official by Detective Pikachu – the latter in limited edition .


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