As previously announced, the new Valentine's Day special event is coming up on Pokémon GO! Let's find out everything you need to know!

The event will start at hours 08: 00 of the 14 February and will end Monday 17 February at 22: 00 . The protagonists are the pink Pokémon that these days will be more present in the wild and in the raids. The bait modules activated during the event will last six hours and the catch candies are doubled .

Chansey cromatico

The main changes are the arrival of Alomomola and Audino for the first time in Pokémon GO, in addition to the color versions of Happiny in 7 km eggs and Chansey in the wild.

The two new Pokémon will find themselves wild and will hatch from the 7km Eggs. They are quite rare and you will be able to meet them if you are lucky. Audino and Alomomola will remain available in Pokémon GO at the end of the event.

Lickitung Raid Day

Lickitung cromatico

To continue the Pokémon pink holidays dedicated to Valentine's Day, a raid day will be organized Saturday 15 February 2020 from 14: 00 at 17: 00 local time with Lickitung! Lickitung will be present in five-star fights and will know the move Corposcontro. You can receive up to five additional raid tickets for free during the event by throwing photo discs in the gyms. You will not be able to keep more than one of these raid tickets at the same time and will no longer be available at the end of the event. Lucky Trainers will meet the Chromatic Lickitung .


The friendship packs opened during this event may contain 7 km eggs with pink Pokémon:

  • Lickitung
  • Porygon
  • Cleffa
  • Igglybuff
  • Tyrogue
  • Smoochum
  • Luvdisc
  • Happiny
  • Audino
  • alomomola

Field research

These rewards can be obtained from field research:

  • Capture 14 Luvdisc: Alomomola
  • Defeat 3 GO Rocket recruits: Chansey
  • Hatch 3 eggs: Lickitung
  • Evolve a Hoppip: Cherubi
  • Capture 5 Slowpoke or Whismur: 1. 00 0 Stardust


  • Level 1: Luvdisc, Shinx , Blitzle, Roggenrola, Timburr and Klink
  • Level 2 : Lickitung, Electabuzz, Magneton, Alola's Exeggutor, Miltank and Mawile
  • Level 3: Raichu of Alola, Machamp, Arcanine, Aerodactyl, Flaaffy and Piloswine
  • Level 4: Marola of Alola, Weezing of Galar, Rhydon, Chansey, Tyranitar and Excadrill
  • Level 5: Tornadus, Regigigas (Raid EX)

Ready to hunt for the pink Pokémon of Valentine's day?






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