Yongnuo YN35mm F1.4C DF UWM: nuovo modello con motori ultrasonici

di Mattia Speroni , published on

“Yongnuo YN 35 mm F1.4C DF UWM is the evolution of a previous model but thanks to the new engines for ultrasonic focusing and to some improvements in design this lens is now more complete. ”

From China comes a new lens dedicated to full-frame reflexes of Canon : this is an evolution of the previous one 35 mm with opening of f / 1.4 but now it's more evolved. It's called Yongnuo YN 35 mm F1.4C DF UWM and has inside new engines for focusing type ultrasonic.

The acronym UWM inside the name means Ultrasonic Wave Motor and this means that the new one Yongnuo YN 35 mm F1.4C DF UWM is faster , more precise and quieter in auto focus. It is therefore, in theory, a significant novelty for the producer .

Manual focus was also made easier thanks to the new ring for the regulation (electronic type). Inside we find 11 lenses arranged in 9 groups, including two elements dedicated to dispersion reduction. In addition, part of the lenses are treated with a coating to increase brightness and reduce side effects.

Yongnuo YN 35 mm F1.4C DF UWM then has a diaphragm with 7 blades with maximum aperture of f / 1.4 and minimum of f / 22 with the minimum focusing distance equal to 35 cm. The total dimensions are equal to 82 x 111 mm while the weight is equal to 700 grams (and uses filters from 67 mm in diameter).

To simplify updates, there is a port USB integrated while the contacts have been gilded to ensure greater longevity and reduced oxidation. The design, compared to the previous model, has not changed even though the technical differences would seem remarkable. Availability is expected for the fourth quarter 2019 while prices are not yet known.


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