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Apple, a low-cost iPhone is coming: indiscretion from Japan

Apple is planning a new business strategy: to release a new iPhone at low cost and cheaper, that they can afford “all” (or almost). The rumor comes from the Japanese newspaper Nikkei: Apple must indeed regain shares in the global market of smartphones, where it is now third, preceded by Samsung and Huawei.

The most affordable prices could entice more people to buy the product. Next week the company will unveil its new models but the new low-cost smartphone is expected in the spring. The economic iPhone by would be the worthy heir of the iPhone SE, released in 2016 at the cost of 400 dollars. The expected cost should not exceed 400 euros and the exit will be in spring.

The product could revive the company, both in China and in other emerging markets, entering into competition with competitive companies, above all in the mid-range “prices” such as Samsung and Huawei .

In fact, consumers are starting to save on the superfluous and often hold a phone for many years without feeling the need to buy a new model of cell phone every year.

The screen size should be about 4.7 inches, like the iPhone 8 of 2017. The 10 September will be unveiled the new iPhone models 11, 11 Pro e 11 Max.

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