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The app for aging with a click. Other than stopping time! Now on Instagram the new challenge is becoming popular with FaceApp. Ultimately with this App it is possible to carry forward the calendar of 40 years with four simple steps.

FaceApp Challenge

Thousands of users on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are launching challenges. Even the celebrities, who usually don't like being seen without make-up, have let themselves be taken by fashion: DiCaprio, for example, has shown itself with a few more years. As beautiful as ever, his selfie depopulated with millions of likes and comments.

But what is FaceApp? The application can be used on Android or IOS . She was born in 2017 thanks to Wireless Lab, a Russian company of Yaroslav Goncharov. It allows for white hair and beard, wrinkles and a smile. But it allows, at the same time, to cancel a few years rejuvenating.

How does it work

The app is very simple and intuitive. Once downloaded (there is also a paid Pro version with some extra features) just take a selfie and select the “age” function. A few seconds, just the time to load the chosen selfie, and here comes old age or young age (depending on your choice).

An application that allows you to create fake porn videos

Most users, after seeing how they will be “old”, shared photos on Instagram. And that's how the challenge with #challenge started. Surely FaceApp, compared to the App used in the past, manages to give a value very similar to the aged face of the photo thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. In practice it realizes on the face of the selfie a virtual mask that fits perfectly to the vision of the face.

According to what is learned from the company that created the App there would be a great protection of personal data, acquired from the photos that are subsequently modified by the application.

In fact, at the moment, there would be no involvement for the company that put the App on the market in alleged IT scandals. Users, therefore, can have fun making time pass quickly or rejuvenate in an instant. Everything just a click away


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