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Almost a year after the 2020 elections in the US, Facebook begins to take steps to prevent the spread of fake news on the web.

The popular social network designed by Mark Zuckerberg announces that it has implemented “several new measures to help protect the democratic process and provide an update on initiatives already underway”

“We are responsible for blocking abuses and electoral interference on our platform,” reads the document published on 21 October on the Newsroom of the social network.

There are three objectives of the platform: to combat foreign interference, increase transparency and reduce disinformation.

The most important news concerns the publication of false news. Facebook, in fact, from now on will notify users of non-advertising content that has been classified as false and uninformed. On the screen, users will find a sticker that will cover the content, with the word “false information”. They are all tools that penalize those who insist on spreading false news. The same tool will also be applied to Instagram

Facebook also announces the launch of Facebook Protects , an additional protection for the accounts of candidates who, during the elections, become more vulnerable, and who are often targeted on social networks

The social media also guarantees greater transparency, “We want to make sure that people use Facebook in an authentic way and that they understand who is talking to them”, the document reads. For this reason the social giant declares to have taken steps to make the pages more transparent.

The mission of the new Facebook initiative is twofold: on the one hand protecting the candidates, protecting them from the attacks of the haters, and on the other avoiding that the politicians themselves become promoters of fake news.

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