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FIFA 20, Juventus without license becomes Piedmont soccer: here is logo and shirt

Almost everything is ready for FIFA 20 but the launch of the last soccer video game on all the consoles this year will have a great peculiarity: in the Italian championship the presence of an unknown team will stand out, the Piemonte Calcio , which will take the place of Juventus .

The fans will therefore be forced to play the Italian championship without the team stronger than the last eight years ? Not exactly. After all, Piemonte Calcio will be Juventus. What happened then? We try to bring order.

FIFA 20 Piemonte Calcio: a Juventus without a license

It has happened that Juventus has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with PES 2020, Japanese soccer videogame and direct competitor of FIFA: therefore, the game launched by EA Sports cannot enjoy the Juventus license, sold exclusively to the Konami.

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The developers of FIFA 20 they had to make a virtue of necessity and that is why the Piemonte Calcio was born. A name that makes you smile and that also requires the use of a shirt, of a logo and of one stage different from the original. Fortunately, however, the names and appearance of individual players will remain true to reality.

“The Piemonte Calcio – EA Sports has specified indeed – will use authentic and real soccer players in FIFA 20 and in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. The chemistry of soccer players in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team will not be affected by these changes “.

FIFA 20 Piedmont Football: here is the shirt, logo and stadium

What will be the substantial differences between the Piemonte Calcio and the real Juventus? First of all, the most macroscopic one will concern the mesh .

The shirt of Piemonte Calcio, in fact, will be different from the bianconeri. However, the colors will refer in every way to the Turin team: the first shirt, in fact, is black with a pink diagonal band and thinner lines. Colors also present in the first official jersey of this season.

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The second one will be yellow, with a tricolor in the center at the neck, while the goalkeeper's shirt will be gray with a big pink star on one shoulder.

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And the logo ? The logo will be black, with the unmistakable Juventus stars and a zebra different from the official Juventus one but still very similar.

Regarding values ​​ of individual players, those will not be altered in any way. Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, will remain the second strongest player in the video game, behind Lionel Messi.

The “licensing war” of individual clubs, disputes between PES and FIFA , has for years been one of the biggest issues around soccer games . And this year he claimed another illustrious victim. But you can bet that the whole debate about Piemonte Calcio will be nothing but a great video game advertisement

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