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FIFA 20, release date, launch price and new game

A few weeks ago the new football season began, both in Italy and throughout Europe, and the attention of all the fans has now shifted to an event connected to the beginning of championships: the release of FIFA 20 .

The new edition of the famous video game by EA Sports, in fact, is ready to be released in all stores. As every year, moreover, the world's best-selling soccer videogame will be released in the fall, precisely at September . And millions of players around the world are waiting for the launch to be able to take on new challenges both online and offline.

Let's see together all the information on the exit of FIFA 20: from the date of publication to price of launching the game, up to the news of the edition 2020 and the new game modes.

FIFA 20, the release date

When it comes out FIFA 20? This is the main question of every enthusiast. And the answers are … two!

If the demo (a trial version available for free download) has already been released last 10 September, the complete video game will be officially released Friday 27 September 2019 .

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Starting from that day, therefore, FIFA 20 will be available for all consoles: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. The rumor circulating in the previous months has been confirmed: there will not be a version of FIFA 20 compatible with older generation consoles (like Xbox 360 and PS3).

However, enthusiasts who have chosen to purchase the special edition of FIFA 20 ( Champions Edition o Ultimate Edition ) will have a very welcome surprise: for them, in fact, it will be possible to play video games in early access starting from Tuesday 24 September 2019 .

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FIFA 20, the launch price

Once the release date has been clarified, the second question comes immediately: how much does it cost FIFA 20? Also in this case, the answer cannot be univocal, since EA Sports has released three different editions of the famous soccer simulator.

FIFA 20 Standard Edition will have a price of 69, 99 EUR. With the game, these objects will also be included for use within the Fifa Ultimate Team mode:

  • Up to 3 rare gold packages
  • Icon objects loaned for 5 games in FUT
  • FUT Uniforms special edition

FIFA 20 Champions Edition instead will have a price of 89, 99 euro and will include the possibility of early access to the game from 24 September (so three days before the official release date), plus the following items:

  • Until 12 rare gold packages
  • 5 icon objects loaned for 5 games in FUT
  • FUT Uniforms special edition

FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition finally will have a price of 99, 99 euro and, in addition to early access from 24 September, will also have:

  • Until 24 packages rare gold
  • Choice of 5 icon objects loaned for 5 games in FUT
  • FUT Uniforms special edition
  • Object Player to watch for at FUT 20 non exchangeable

The version of FIFA 20 for Nintendo Switch (named Legacy Edition ) will instead have a price of 49, 99 EUR.

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Dentro il Rojava, guerra di Siria

FIFA 20, all the news

At each new edition of the game, EA Sports reserves a whole series of novelties for the enthusiasts. Also FIFA 20 does not escape the rule, indeed it is perhaps one of the editions with the most recent innovations in recent years

The main, the most awaited and announced months in advance, is the presence – among the various game modes – of street soccer . It will be called Volta Football and will be a direct descendant of FIFA Street, a video game that made sparks on PS2. In this mode, it will be possible to play 3v3 Rush without a goalkeeper, 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal, as well as personalizing the team and players.

Regarding the game itself, several improvements take place in manual defense : the players controlled by the user will be more efficient in marking, but also more precise in the shooting and more realistic in the shots.

In the Career mode , it will be possible to create a personalized coach and also set up a woman coach. In the mode Club Creator , in addition, the player will be able to control everything that has to do with your team: from marketing to the color of the jerseys, to the well-being of the players.

We recall that, since last year, FIFA has obtained the rights for the Champions League . We will say goodbye, instead, to the mode The Journey , starring Alex Hunter.

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