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Enough with expectations, now it's serious: today, Friday 27 September 2019, was officially released FIFA 20. The video game is available in all stores and on the online store of the Ps4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch consoles and is ready to guarantee entertainment and realism in the eternal fight against PES, the Japanese counterpart.

All fans of the famous EA Sports signed football simulator can finally try their hand at the latest edition of FIFA, after a year-long wait and that in the last few weeks seemed not to end more.

The anticipations on the main novelties of the game were really juicy: this edition, in any case, promises to be one of the most innovative of the last few years. Just for the big return (it was missing from 2006, when it came out on Ps2) of FIFA Street, which will be called FIFA Volta, the “ticket price” applies.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about FIFA 20: from the release date of the various editions to their price, from the news to the theme of licenses, up to the curiosities and the cover of the game.

FIFA 20: release date and price

Let's start with the basic information: when it comes out and how much FIFA costs 20? Also this year, three editions of the game are scheduled with dates of different exit and prices: a base and two specials

The first to come out were the two Special Editions: we are talking about FIFA 20 Champions Edition and FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition. Both are exits, in early access for all those who had pre-ordered these versions of the video game, on Tuesday 24 September. La Standard Edition of FIFA 20, instead, it was released on Friday 27 September

Regarding the price , here too we must distinguish between the various editions: 69, 99 EUR the Standard Edition, 89, 99 EUR the Champions Edition and 99, 99 euro the Ultimate Edition.

Tuesday 10 September 2019, instead, a demo of the game, available for free download on Ps4, Origin and XBox One.

The differences between FIFA's Standard, Champions and Ultimate Edition 20

The novelties of this edition

What are the novelties more juicy than the edition 2020 of the EA Sports game?

Dentro il Rojava, guerra di Siria

The first, the most awaited and sensational, as we have already anticipated is the introduction (or rather, the return) of street soccer . In FIFA 20 there is indeed a new mode, Volta Football : direct descendant of FIFA Street, promises show and the possibility of varying the game in a completely original way. In FIFA Volta we will discuss in detail in the next paragraph.

Among the other main novelties there are some improvements in the game system: the manual defense , for example, it will be easier to manage. Players will be a little more efficient in marking, but also more precise in shooting.

Within the Career mode women's football also intervenes with a straight leg: it will also be possible to create female coaches. In the mode Club Creator , in addition, the player will be able to control everything he has to do with your team: from marketing to the color of the jerseys, up to the well-being of the players.

But there is also a loss: there will no longer be a mode Il Viaggio , which told the story of the (invented) player Alex Hunter. A modality that has found conflicting opinions between enthusiasts and professionals and that in FIFA 20 has been definitively cut, to the advantage of Volta Football. Are you sorry?

FIFA 20, how the Volta mode works (the old FIFA Street)

The eyes of all the fans of the old FIFA Street shone for days when the presence of Volta Football within FIFA was made official 20: the most awaited and unexpected news. The new game mode, in fact, shows street football on the EA Sports title after more than ten years of absence.

Farewell to tactics, the referee, fouls and the classic rules of the game. FIFA Volta Football is anything but fake and tightrope walkers, a lot of technique and an unprecedented show for a game mode in breaking with the rest of FIFA 20.

Dentro il Rojava, guerra di Siria

In Volta Football it will be possible to play in 3v3 Rush without goalkeeper, 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal. Moreover, obviously, it will be possible to personalize the team and players, who can also be women. It will be possible to change clothes, hair, tattoos and everything else. And above all gamers can also compete in online multiplayer mode

The official trailer with the gameplay

The release of FIFA 20 was announced well in advance, already between 7 and 9 June 2019, at the AA Play Event in Los Angeles. On that occasion, the first teaser trailer was also released, showing all the novelties of the game engine and the teams sponsoring the edition 2020 of the videogame.

Several weeks later trailer showing the gameplay of FIFA 20. Here is an example:

FIFA 20, the licenses and the Juventus problem

Also this year a new page was written in the history of licenses of individual clubs. In fact, for some seasons FIFA and PES have been competing for exclusive rights for some teams and even for some competitions.

Last year, the world of FIFA had brought home a great success, snatching from the Japanese competitor the right to have inside Champions League . Also this year, the most important European club competition is still within the EA Sports videogame.

However, this year PES has retaliated by acquiring an exclusive partnership agreement with Juventus. Consequently, in FIFA 20 there will be no bianconeri: o better, the Italian champions will be regularly in the Serie A championship, but with another name and with another logo. In fact, Juventus is transformed into Piemonte Calcio. The names of the players, however, will not be crippled: at least those will be in all equal to the originals.

Also the Spanish Liga and the German Bundesliga are regularly present in FIFA 20. The Italian Serie B, on the other hand, will have no license, while the Brazilian Serie A will be present, but with fictitious names of players. There will also be a new championship with all the licenses: La Liga 1 Romania

FIFA 20, Juventus becomes the Piemonte Calcio. Here is knitwear and logo

The price of FIFA Points

Also this year the FIFA Points are back, ie the tokens can be bought with real money from the most loyal players, which can thus unlock additional prizes and bonuses.

The prices of the FIFA Points of the last edition of the game have been confirmed in toto. It goes from 500 ai 12. 000 points available for purchase. Here are the prices:

  • 500 Points – 4. 99 EUR
  • 750 Points – 7. 49 EUR
  • 1. 050 Points – 9. 99 EUR
  • 1. 600 Points – 14. 99 EUR
  • 2.200 Points – 19 . 99 EUR
  • 4. 600 Points – 39. 99 EUR
  • 12. 000 Points – 99. 99 EUR

FIFA 20, Web App and Companion App

In the days leading up to the official release of the game, EA Sports has also released the official apps to manage its FIFA Ultimate Team mode even from desktop or smartphone

From the 18 September, in fact, all the fans were able to make early access (in the presence of certain requirements) to Web App , which allows you to manage your team and your browser players without necessarily turning on the console.

From the following day, however, Companion App , homologous of the Web App for smartphones and tablets.

These are the actions available on the two FIFA Apps 20:

  • Buying and selling players on the FUT market
  • Managing the various roses (changing the training, applying physical forms, contracts and other consumables )
  • Completing the rose creation challenges
  • Complete the weekly market and management targets
  • Redeem the prizes

The covers of the three editions

Also in the cover of FIFA 20 there is a big news this year : Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer there, but neither is Lionel Messi. EA Sports has decided to give space to the new generation of international football phenomena

Thus, on the cover of the Standard Edition Eden Hazard , a Belgian playmaker who has moved from Chelsea to Real Madrid this year. The cover of the Champions Edition, instead, shows the Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk. The Ultimate Edition, however, shows one of the new Icons (legendary players) of the game, Zinedine Zidane .

fifa 20 copertina
The cover of the Standard Edition
fifa 20 copertina
The cover of the Champions Edition
fifa 20 copertina
The cover of the Ultimate Edition

FIFA 20, the Top 100 of the best talents

In view of the official release of the game, EA Sports released the Top100 of FIFA players 20 . Who are the best videogame talents?

They are still leading the ranking: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo . The Argentine of Barcelona has an overall rating of 94 (the only one in the game), while the Portuguese Juventus he had to “settle” for a 93. A second place that, knowing him, will certainly not have made him happy. On the lowest step of the podium Neymar , with 92.

But there are many really strong players in FIFA 20: just think that one like Zlatan Ibrahimovic , with a rating of 85, and the 100 top player.

The Top 100 of the best FIFA players 20

The first FIFA TOTW 20 Ultimate Team


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