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From 1 February Whatsapp will stop working on some smartphones. The hugely popular instant messaging app may in fact disappear, from one day to another, from some phones. The reason? Many cell phones will no longer be able to support the application, specifically those with the Android system in versions 2.3.7 and earlier and iPhones on iOS 8 or earlier.

Fortunately, however, there are still many smartphones that are now compatible with the most updated operating systems. By February 1, therefore, they may be able to update themselves but the advice, especially for owners of models that are now somewhat “dated”, is to check the latest update of their operating system. How? If you have an iPhone, for example, simply go to the Settings, tap on General and then on Software update and read the version. If you have a smartphone with Android system, in the same way, you can access the Settings and then choose the options Phone information and Software information.

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