A fast ferry to Ponza

A fast ferry to Ponza – Getting to Ponza in a matter of minutes will no longer be just a dream. Thanks to the Air Fish8 aircraft, a kind of ferry that flies to 195 km / h, the rapid journey becomes reality.

The speed should be considered in knots: so we are at 105. A record, but that's what the AirFish-8 of Wigetworks in Singapore does, with which it is treating the municipality of San Felice Circeo to cover the Circeo-Ponza section

“By this means – they say from the administration – it would just take 12 minutes “. In reality the Airfish, on balance, would take just 5 minutes, but some time is lost for take-off and ditching

The vehicle is not a boat, it is not a plane, it is not a Hovercraft, but it flies a few meters from the surface of the sea: under the wings and the hull develops a dynamic air cushion, known also as WIG (Wing In Ground effect), and therefore also little power is needed to make it travel: just a V8 petrol engine

The AirFish-8h carries up to 10 passengers and could come into operation within a couple of years: it would be the pearl of the “Territorial Network” project set up by the municipal administrations of San Felice Circeo, Ponza and Ventotene which, among other things, have just been nominated for the title of “City of Culture “of the Lazio Region.

Partner of the mobility is the Jaguar Land Rover (will provide electric I-Pace to test and will cooperate with the charging network with new columns) and since the AirFish-8 needs powerful V8 engines to work who knows, the engines will not come from Coventry.

The island of tourism immersed in the clear and turquoise waters of the Gulf of Gaeta in the Tyrrhenian Sea is adjacent to Palmarola, Zannone, Gavi, Ventotene and Santo Stefano, together with which it forms the Pontine Archipelago.

Ponza conta 41 kilometers of coastline between the Faraglione La Guardia (south) and the Punta dell'Incenso (north-east), which make it unique in its landscape, alternate with cliffs, coves, caves, and beaches including the famous Chiaia di Luna, an ancient Greek port.

The almost completely mountainous surface reaches the maximum altitude with the peaks of the Guardia mountains (280 meters), Core (201 meters), Three Winds (177 meters) and Pagliaro (177 meters). It populates the territory with typically Mediterranean vegetation characterized by lentisk, holm oak, fragrant broom, phillyrea, strawberry bushes, and of course the dwarf palm, symbol of the island.

The island is an ideal place for underwater activities to discover the numerous underwater caves. With the “flying ferry” all this can be achieved in no time at all.

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