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Games and video games online

The online gaming and video game sector represents a constantly evolving market in Italy, thanks to the continuously developing offer and new technologies

From the economic point of view, in 2018 the sector has grown significantly ( 18, 9%) compared to the previous year, generating a turnover of 1.7 billion euros. In addition to the growth in demand, gaming tools are evolving, allowing developers to find ever-increasing innovative ideas for even more engaging and impacting creativity

The online game

The online gaming offer in Italy is very wide compared to the average of the context international, for several reasons. First of all, Italy represents excellence and a worldwide example with regards to distance gaming regulations. The online game begins to be operational in Italy in the early years 2000, with the introduction of the telematic and telephone channel in the betting sector. Another peculiarity of the Italian market that has favored the development of online gaming is the almost lack of casinos. In fact, in our country, unlike others like neighboring France, physical casinos are practically non-existent, making Online Casino even more interesting for players

The legislator has decided to authorize gambling, for political reasons and economic, only in four casinos, located in selected and controlled locations. The casinos of Saint-Vincent and Sanremo are very close to the border, while Campione d Italia is even beyond the border, being an exclave in Switzerland. The Casino of Venice is an exception due to its historical value: it is the oldest gambling house in the world, and in any case in front of Slovenia and Croatia.

The most requested online games

According to the AAMS, the institutional body in charge of regulating the sector, the Online games are divided into: Casino Games, including online Slots, which make this category the most profitable among online games, online poker, which is divided into Tournament and Cash Poker, Sports Bets, and other games such as Skill Games , Virtual Bets, Lotteries, Horse Bets, Bingo and Betting Contests

The most popular games are the Casino Games, which have grown almost by 30% in 2018 coming to cover the 41% of the total with 569 spending millions and 1 million users. In second place we find the Sports Bets, which are worth the 40% with 1.7 million users, followed by Poker in its two versions

The identikit of the player

The video game is an integral part of contemporary culture and involves more and more users of all age groups. According to data released in March 2019 by AESVI (Video Game Publishers and Developers Association Italy), in the last year they played video games 16, 3 million Italians, equal to 37% of the population between the ages of 6 and 64 years.

Most of the players are men, slightly predominantly (54%) compared to women. The most active age groups, for both sexes, are those from 15 ai 34 years and from 45 ai 64 years. They are signs of how video games represent a transversal phenomenon, which manages to gather consensus equally between men and women of all ages and with a higher cultural weight than in the past

Regarding game devices, two macrotypes of gamers are outlined: from on one side those who play mobile, on the other side the purists of the home console. There are many Italians playing on smartphones and tablets, exceeding 10 million, but they spend relatively little time in the game, on average 4.3 hours a week. The players who prefer the home console, on the other hand, are 6 million and represent the real fans, with an average of 5 hours of play per week.

Online players instead have a very different profile from that of the gamers: for the '82% are men, in two cases out of three are of Center-South and mostly have an age between 25 ei 44 years. The figure, which continues to grow and is updated 2017, is 2.2 million Italian. They are less constant than gamers: about 50% plays occasionally and the 30% even just one month a year.

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