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Holidays without telephone and without internet – The new trend world of summer 2019 is that of the holidays without internet . The latest report of Global Wellness Summit presented in these days in Cesena. Increasingly the so-called “ technophobic increase “who no longer want to be connected round the clock.

Their primary need during the summer is to enjoy relaxation authentic, contemplation , relations with people in the flesh and contact with nature. All this is undermined by tec no-addiction which enslaves us every day, keeps us constantly glued to the smartphone and employees of the wifi connection preventing us from enjoying the “here” and “now”

It will seem strange but the millennials are the most “technophobic”. Those born between 1980 and the 2000 that never leave the social network even during the holidays have come down from 68 per cent to 38 percent in a year. TPI spoke of this phenomenon with Dr. Paola Vinciguerra , psychotherapist , president Eurodap (European Association for Panic Attack Disorder) and Scientific Director of the Center Bioequilibrium .

The cause of internet dependency is often the job which requires more and more available around the clock and active on social . Going on vacation without being obsessed by the need to check work emails and without guilt becomes a “ mission impossible . “

What characterizes the phenomenon of techno-addiction ? Is it really worrying?

Being a addiction it means that I set my life according to that object, in this case the telephone, as if I could not spend or fully live my day without the use of it. Yes, it's worrying. It is something that in the long run becomes pathological .

What kind of symptoms do we have?

Anxiety e panic. People, when they move away from the object of their addiction, tend to become nervous and short-tempered. Situations of extreme vulnerability are experienced. If these people suddenly turn away from their smartphone thanks to which they can access social media and e-mails, they feel dispersed, destabilized. If your real life does not make sense without the use of mobile phones we are really facing a real pathology. Without the smartphone, these people are exposed to a conflict situation

Which are the subjects most at risk?

The subjects depressed or dissatisfied with their real life. They are people who in their lives do not know how to live the emotional side but only the practical side . Also at risk are successful people that thanks to social media get the recognition of their social role. They have few real contacts and use the network to fill their own existential void .

Smartphone addiction? Advice to find the right balance

Based on Report of the Global Wellness Summit compiled in these days in Cesena, is spreading the category of “technophobic”. What do you think of this trend

A vacation without internet and smartphone is an extreme remedy to which people who do not know how to manage their relationship with virtual life resort in a balanced way. These types of people need an external condition to calibrate this addiction .

If only we were safer than ourselves and learned to manage ourselves effectively we would not need a vacation so extreme that we don't use a mobile phone. The dependence depends on us . We are the ones who must be safe and skilled in not depending on anything to be able to choose without limits, make responsible and conscious choices.

Being detached from new technologies is a utopia or can it represent a concrete reality

Detachment from new technologies makes it possible to decode a new reality. It makes us realize that we can live even without what we depend on. Thanks to this experience we could acquire a new awareness, a new vision of reality.

Il 95 percent of Italians are struggling to break away from work that also links them to the use of new technologies. These types of people tend to feel guilty if they go on vacation. What do you think about it

Detaching from work involves guilt if we believe we cannot fully enjoy something. Many people get sick on vacation precisely because they feel under pressure and more vulnerable. Or return to the office at the end of a holiday more stressed than before. Some of my patients even tell me that when they go on vacation they suffer from anxiety and emotional stress because the unexpected destabilizes them.

What advice would you give to enjoy a vacation without the worry of wifi connection and the management of potential senses of guilt?

It is difficult to give advice on this. First of all we should change the self-perception of our own person. The advice I could give to detach ourselves from technological dependence is to acquire the healthy habit of imposing limits on the use of mobile phones, to split its use.

Learning to manage reality by imposing self-management rules is of vital importance. Only in this way can we rediscover ourselves stronger and more self-disciplined

We learn a new way of experiencing reality without losing human contact, relationships with friends and family. We must enhance direct contact with people by taking back our freedoms and the value of interpersonal relationships. Of course we must also recognize many merits and potentials for new technologies that use in a healthy and conscious way make us so easy in life and work.

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Mariangela Cutrone, graduate in Education and Training and writer. He collaborates as a freelance journalist with various newspapers and issues such as Health, Wellness, Lifesyle, Culture, Books


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