iliad 5g

5G is making its way all over the world, it is a revolution that has been announced for some time, but as the months go by you can see that it is starting to turn into something concrete. Just look at the release of smartphones with support for 5G , until a month ago practically absent from the market.

Italy is not among the fastest nations when it comes to introducing new technology, there will certainly be some cities, the major ones, which will see 5G arrive in a short time , while for others you will probably have to wait a long time. Iliad, the latest arrival here, is also working on this 5G spread, but it is increasing the number of customers thanks to advantageous offers and a transparent policy with people.

The company is collaborating with Nokia to bring the 5G network to our territory and the French one. This is not new, Nokia and Iliad have already been collaborating for several months to enhance the infrastructure through antennas offered by the Finnish company; this is more of a confirmation of the relationship between the two companies, which is strengthened thanks to the already present affinity between the two. With the technologies offered by Nokia, Iliad wants to speed up the diffusion process of 5G on our territory. The two companies will strive to be as fast and effective as possible and the CEO's statement Iliad is reassuring in this regard.

The CEO of the Iliad group has in fact declared: “ We want to offer our customers the best possible 5G experience and this is why we have chosen to strengthen our relationship with Nokia as we enter the 5G era. Nokia's innovative solutions and technologies for 5G allow us to launch it quickly and effectively, offering superior network performance and enabling us to face future challenges “.


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