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Sony relaunches the legendary Walkman, but the box is virtual

Operation nostalgia for Sony . A 40 years since the launch of the Walkman, the historic device that changed the way to enjoy music on the move, there comes a limited edition that virtually reproduces the movement of the tape.

The new music player was launched at IFA, the technological fair underway in Berlin.

The model name is NW-A 100 TPS and refers to the iconic TPS model L2 released for the first time on the market in July 1979, which marked a cultural era and commercial in the 1980s

Aesthetically the two models resemble, but the device cannot reproduce the traditional cassette tapes: the movement of the tape, in fact, is virtual and reproduced by the 3.2 inch HD display

To celebrate the 40 anniversary from that July 1st 1979 in which the first and iconic Walkman was launched, Sony introduced the new Walkman NW-A 100 TPS: we find support for Android , a Wi-Fi module, support for reproduction in streaming , an internal memory to save tracks, a 3.6 “HD display and a USB Type-C port.

The new Sony Walkman is compatible with High Resolution Audio, DSD (11, 2 MHz, PCM conversion) and PCM (384 kHz / 32 bit ) thanks to S-Master HX. The integrated battery promises autonomy up to 26 hours of reproduction.

The Japanese company also presented new headphones over ear and celebrated 40 anniversary of the launch of the first Walkman

Sony officially unveiled the new WH-H over-ear headphones 910 N: these present the cancellation of background noise through technology Dual Noise Sensor

The new Sony headphones and Walkman will be available in different colors, the first starting in December 2019 in the Italian market while the Walkman starting from November 2019.

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