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A moment of the presentation of TIM 5G with the virtual reality viewer (Credits: Twitter TIM)

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“We are preparing the future”: with these words the TIM presented 5G this morning in Rome. The telephone company is trying to decline a world that does not yet have a defined vocabulary.

We start from Rome, Turin and Naples, at the Universiade Village, where TIM has already made 5G accessible, with speeds up to 2 Gigabit per second, and the first services for families and companies and by this year will arrive in six other cities (Milan, Bologna, Verona, Florence, Matera and Bari), 30 tourist destinations, 30 specific projects for large companies and 50 industrial districts.

TIM also intends to cover 120 city, 200 tourist destinations and 245 districts industrial by 2021, with a speed that will gradually increase to 10 Gbps.

The 5G starts a transformation of the country and even for the TIM itself it is difficult to predict how far it will go. In the promotional spot – conceived by the Brand Strategy Director Luca Josi – the doctors of an operating theater can rely on the well-known cardiac surgeon Francesco Musumeci, who in turn intervenes in real time and at a distance

“I never acted, so I immediately said yes,” said Musumeci, explaining how robotic technology is already in use in the hospitals. The 5G, however, will make it possible to do away with that physical connection between the robot and the console from which the doctor works, thus ensuring an increase in the quality standards of operations in each structure, potentially canceling the distinction between A and Hospitals B series.

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The 5G promises fixed and mobile network performance ten times higher than the current ones thanks to a faster download speed (from 2 to 20 Gbps), to the minor latency, to the greater density of managed devices and to a simultaneous connection up to one million devices and sensors per km². If up to now, only one device and type of application were changing from one generation to another, with 5G the way is open to a new generation of services useful for the digital development of the country that will connect objects even before the people.

After the summer various free training initiatives will also be launched for all to combat the rampant phenomenon of digital illiteracy in Italy. It will then be necessary to see how the public administration will be able to incorporate this new technology at the service of citizens.

The Chief Revenue Officer Lorenzo Farina spoke of total coverage, that is, to bring connection in every place of Italy, even the most remote. This would be the first application of 5G for people. The first commercial offers for customers concern three new smartphones born from the partnership signed with Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo (Samsung Galaxy S 10 5G, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G and Oppo Reno 5G): to these is added a Nokia Rooter (Fastmile 5G Indoor Gateway), wireless but as powerful as a fiber.

Another eye-catching novelty is the cloud gaming that will give the possibility to play in streaming and on the move, enabling services like Google Stadia. Just connect your smartphone to a joystick. It is also possible to manage multiple video streams simultaneously and in real time: this allows you to play live or attend concerts and sporting events, with the possibility of changing the viewing point as desired.

tim 5g

Thanks to a broadband that can reproduce a virtual environment, 5G also opens the way to virtual reality which, thanks to almost no latency , will allow you to immerse yourself in tourist places and interact through an avatar with other people, even seeing the movements of the head and hands of other users. This “immersive reality” may be useful to relive one's memories, but it will also have an application in the field of medicine

The 5G will have an important impact on production processes, controlling robots from a distance and removing the computers that control them today, taking up space.

An interesting novelty is the start-up aGesic for safety at work, which allows you to receive an immediate alarm in case of need and to send immediately rescued, through hazard detection algorithms. 5G will improve safety also in other respects: Smart City Control Room allows you to consult a holistic view of the city in which traffic conditions, those of light, disservices, the percentage of free parking in an area, the order are indicated waiting in the emergency room and up to how many people are in one place, relative to the nightlife. Smart City Control Room is connected in real time with an artificial intelligence able to detect suspicious behavior and identify people.

Tim's 5G can be activated with the two offers, namely Advance 5G (29, 99 euro per month without compatible smartphone) and Advance 5G Top (49, 99 euros per month with smartphone included, foreign roaming up to 3 GB and access to the Timgames platform), which offer respectively up to 50 and 100 GB of monthly browsing with speeds up to 2 Gpbs, with minutes and unlimited messages

To date TIM has already covered the Republic of San Marino with 5G and, together with Ericsson and the Municipality of Turin, has shown the operation of a car completely driven by a remote. In the experimentation Bari-Matera, on the other hand, they were designed around 5G use case. Finally, during the Giro d'Italia this year, enthusiasts were able to follow the Riccione-San Marino stage in real time with video cameras 360 °.


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