The staff of the most popular social network has decided to obscure the option of seeing “likes” to enhance the content of posts: the test in Italy starts

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This is why Instagram hides likes in Italy today

The most popular social media ever, Instagram, in these days welcomes many followers with a strange message: Change test on the way we see i like

“We want your followers to concentrate on what you share and not on how many” I like “they get your posts. During this test, only you will be able to see the total number of likes of your posts, “says the social.

It means that it will no longer be possible to peek at the appreciation our contacts receive on Instagram. But why ? This is a test that the staff that deals with public social policies is launching in various countries

After Canada, Instagram launches the test also in Italy. The test started on Wednesday 17 July, and it is not a final decision but an experiment for probe the users' opinion

Whenever we look at an image or video shared by members of our community on Instagram, we will not be able to immediately find out how many “likes” they received.

The word “XY and other people” will appear instead. And we won't be able to know who and how many these people are, because Instagram hides likes.

The objective, as the message explains, is to pay attention to the contents, and not to the appreciation they receive on Instagram.

If the decision were finally applied in the future, it would be a revolution for the digital marketing world and the so-called “influencer”.

“We want to help people focus on shared photos and videos, not how many Likes they receive,” said Tara Hopkins, Instagram's EMEA Head of Public Policy, when the social media announced the test.

So it will no longer be possible to peek at the appreciation that people on Instagram and the various influencers we are fans of receive for every post they share.

Italy is one of the countries in which Instagram records stronger growth, and at a global level it has already reached over one billion subscribers

Farewell to likes on Instagram: this is why we can no longer see the “likes” that each photo receives


Marta Vigneri was born in Bari and studied and worked in several cities, including Rome, Brussels and Dakar. He has a Masters in International Journalism from the City University of London. For TPI he writes from 2012 and deals with reportage, non-profit, migration and pop culture.


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