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It is said that scientists are already working on the construction of the first hotels on Mars planned for 2025 while we know little about the future evolution of social media.

Integration, logically, between the various channels seems the only solution to improve communication and consolidate the reputation that for now seems to be compromised on several levels also for the social media themselves

A boomerang that led some companies to abound digital platforms preferring the analogue mix. But if it is true that as Enzo Ferrari said “if it does not exist it does not break”, this maxim does not apply tout court for digital channels, spaces in which if you are not there someone else will fill them and may not be good at all.

The digital channels at the heart of the Hamlet question: to be there or not ?, for the event organized by Agi Factory , which took place on Tuesday at the Factory Lab on Via del Commercio 1b. Accompanying the three speakers Raoul in the labyrinth of social networks Romoli Venturi , Fabio Agostini and Filippo Ungaro there was Daniele Chieffi Head of digital communication and content factory by Agi, who stimulated the debate with several laps of the microphone, finding ideas on the arguments developed

The fundamental ingredients of every social communication plan are wisdom , strategy e content. In this moment of strong distrust of social media, Facebook first and foremost, risking managing some crises and dialoguing with its target audience can make the difference.

But it is trust that fails in these platforms, a reputational crisis certainly due to the rather real perception that it is facilitated to fuel this profound hatred between dissimilar thoughts. from the screens behind which you can hide and consequently the social networks themselves

It is also the perception of the professional to be modified, using them with sincere disenchantment is perhaps the most appropriate key to insert them in the most useful mediamix. Speaking of analog still strong, the influence television has on the public: coram populo is still the most used by both users and communicators, who on the traditional ground find the right balance of information and communication

Effectiveness, above all in the diffusion, and authority in telling Italians what happens, taking content from social media and used in the TV narrative itself

Disintermediation, the real innovative force of social media, should not be overestimated, but managed and governed. Pillars of reasoning are some questions around which the speakers' reflections revolved: being there, being there because, what counts is reputation and vision at 2029.

Around these questions emerged the different strategic communication needs of a company like Ferrero, an NGO like Save the Children and the armed forces and therefore the Public Administration: communicating contents appropriate with different languages, measuring the presence taking into account that dialogue with supporters, users and consumers always remains the absolute value but with some distinctions: for non-profit, in addition to transparency on fundraising, the need to build a sense of community is strong, especially now that the reputation of volunteering is being severely tested

For the Public Administration it represents one of the obligations of the Law 150 in which public information is necessary to the citizen in the absence of a budget to spend on information campaigns, while for companies the contact with the consumer is important, but relevance continues to have the mix with marketing in order to better calibrate investments. Among the three speakers the most skeptical about being there was Raoul Romoli Venturi, Director of Communications and Public Relations of Ferrero, in which the mix between communication and marketing is fundamental to reach targets and stakeholders

Filippo Ungaro, Director of Communication and Campaigns of Save the Children Italy, who decided to position himself as a source of some incisive themes for cooperation and help, was decidedly more inclined to be there. to the next and through the social media, in moments of strong crisis, dialogues and expresses its own position in order to maintain a relationship with the targets and stakeholders.

Enthusiastic about the Esserci Fabio Agostini showed himself Head of the Public Information and Communication Department of the General Staff of Defense who uses social media to approach a wider public, create master messages that they are useful to strengthen the trust of the community and be recognized as an authoritative source even in the event of national emergencies.

Within a couple of months from the opening of the Facebook page of the General Staff of the Defense 17 thousand followers of the early hours came shortly after 25 thousand for the events of June 2, with a reach of 2.5 million people reached, a fundamental basis for those who do not have budget to invest in communication campaigns, which continues to grow every day.

We leave the synthesis of the vision in the quotas of the speakers, three different points of view for content and mission, but all agree in having to mix wisely in order to meet the needs and opportunities of the be there. And for the 2029? Certainly the answer of all three, in addition to the hotels on Mars, is the hope rather than the certainty, that an adequate mix of channels will bring a maturity of communication at multiple levels


Born on 26 April 1991 from Milan he moved to Rome. He studied at the State University of Milan. Dal 2018 works at TPI where he deals with production of pop and news content.


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