A research has analyzed the price of the latest model of Apple smartphone with the average salaries of different countries in the world

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How many days you have to work to buy the new iPhone 11?

Tuesday 10 September 2019 Apple presented its new smartphone: the iPhone 11. Three versions of the iPhone by iPhone: 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Two top of the range (one larger and the other more compact) and a lower-end model (direct descendant of the iPhone XR), with three different price ranges.

The smartphone will be available from tomorrow, Friday 20 September. The price of the iPhone 11 will be of 839 euro, while that of the iPhone Pro from 64 GB of 1189 (source apple.it), rising to € 1. 689, for the same model from 512 GB.

But how much does the iPhone picture cost in terms of working days? A search for Picodi.com compared the price of the iPhone 11 Pro (model 64 GB) with the average salary of each country to calculate the number of working days necessary to purchase the device.

The iPhone indicator 2019 was calculated based on iPhone prices 11 Pro (with a memory of 64 GB), officially made public on the official website of Apple.

Average salary figures come from the websites of national statistical offices or competent ministers. The monthly salary was divided by 21, the average number of working days in a month.

Considering the data reported on the official website of Apple, the price of the iPhone version Pro from 64 GB in Italy will be 1189 € Euro. According to Istat the average salary in our country is 1570 net euros. Crossing the data, an average Italian, to afford the purchase of the latest model of the iPhone by should work 15, 9 days.

Be careful though! The calculation does not include other exits, not even those for vital needs, such as food, bills and any other expense that human beings find themselves facing daily.

Compared to last year, when research proposed the same calculations for the purchase of the iPhone Xs, this year the Italian who buy the iPhone 11 Pro will have to work 1.7 more days.

More fortunate than us are our Swiss neighbors, who are able to earn the necessary sum for the iPhone 11 Pro in just 4.8 days. Even the Americans did not go so badly. In the USA the price of the latest smartphone model with the nibbled apple costs 5.8 working days.

The most unfortunate, however, are the Mexican cousins ​​who, if they really don't want to do without the latest iPhone model, will have to work continuously for 54 2 days. Even in Montenegro and in Russia it didn't go much better.

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In countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany, the new gadget is worth 12, 7 and 9.9 working days.

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