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Together Price: what it is and how it works

More and more people are now enjoying streaming services like Netflix, NOW TV or Spotify to follow their passions: from cinema to TV series, up to sport. These are real subscriptions, which normally provide for a monthly renewal. Most fans can add up to three or four of these services at the same time, thus spending tens of euros a month.

For this reason, companies such as Netflix, Spotify, Apple music etc. have decided to offer their users, in addition to the subscription for the single user, also group plans that allow the use of different accounts and thus divide the expenses among those who use them.

Sometimes, however, this system is likely to be a double-edged sword, because you have to keep up with friends and relatives to remind them to pay their share. For this reason many people eventually end up giving up the sharing hypothesis, which instead can be very convenient and convenient.

The idea of ​​ Together Price, an all-Italian platform that makes sharing expenses quick and safe, offering a digital wallet to collect dues and a group chat to communicate in real time.

It is estimated that among Spotify, Netflix, Nintendo Switch online, Dazn etc. users who use these digital services spend around 300 per year. A considerable expense, especially for young people. Together Price helps to share subscription expenses in a simple way and safe.

Here is how Together Price works : the platform was born in Italy in January 2017, and is currently also present in Spain and since June 2019 also in Latin America (Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia). In addition, it will also soon arrive in America and Great Britain. The Together Price community has grown exponentially in recent months and has already exceeded half a million subscribers

Among the various services available on the platform it is possible to share: Netflix, Spotify, Nintendo Switch Online, Amazon Music, Office 365, Apple Arcade, Apple , Adobe, Steam, Google Play Music, Tidal HiFi, Xbox, Dropbox, Kaspersky, Invictus Winning Predictions.

In a single platform integrates a digital wallet to collect the shares of each one as it were Paypal , a group chat with which to communicate in real time as Whatsapp and the features of a social network. This is precisely the peculiarity that is transforming Together Price into a “Digital Identity Platform”: like Linkedin, where each user can post and share career advancements with their selected contacts, on Together Price you can share with your circles the use of digital group subscriptions divided into 4 areas of relationship (friends, family, roommates and work colleagues)

Registration is free and at the end of it you can choose to become Admin o Joiner . In the first case, those who have a subscription create a group and make their subscription available to other users (the joiners), who send their participation fee to the admin every month; those who do not have a subscription can request access to an existing group and start sharing the service with other people by simply sending their share by credit card or debit card

For greater security, Together Price recently introduced TPassword: a password manager that, like the well-known “1password” service, allows users of the platform to store securely for free the credentials for access to shared services. This system allows joiners who have paid their dues to obtain immediate access indications to the service without having to wait for the admin's reply in chat.

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