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Even the Tokyo Olympics 2020 will have a green and environmental footprint and among the protagonists there will be Toyota , which just recently presented its latest vehicle, APM (Accessible People Mover): it is an electric shuttle for the transport of people, which will be fully operational right in next year's Olympic Games

According to data from the Japanese House, it is a means to zero emissions . At the Olympics there will be around 200 specimens and will be used above all to transport athletes, organizational personnel and visitors between the different places and events.

The design, as shown in the photo, is very special: the electric shuttle will in fact be totally open on the side and rear sides and can carry up to five passengers at a time. The driver's seat is in a central position and behind it there are two rows of seats. The line is 3.9 meters long and 1.6 meters wide, while the height is 2 meters

Regarding the autonomy of APM, Toyota insures up to 100 kilometres. The maximum speed, instead, will be 19 kilometers per hour

But the news does not stop there: the Toyota electric shuttle was designed to guarantee accessibility also for handicapped passengers. Inside, it will therefore be possible to accommodate wheelchair users, since the seats in the second row can be folded forward and the vehicle has a ramp on the side parts

toyota Accessible People Mover


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